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Scribd and Free Books

Greetings! =)


So one of my books is free here on Lulu, Amazon, etc. but it doesn't appear on Scribd. The problem is, it is the first in a series, so it affects whether people will buy subsequent books from that site. I didn't see anything that states Scribd won't carry free books, does anyone know otherwise, or have any experience with this?


I could probably join and post it as a document, but I have had problems with illegal copies of my books being posted there as documents, so I don't want to do anything that might imply, in any way, that uploading my books in that manner is acceptable.




  • oncewasoncewas Librarian

    This just proves the old addage: you can't have it all.

    Making the first book of a series free might work on Kindle
    but it might not work on Scribd. Try to remember that
    Scribd is but a mere sprat swimming in a small pool alongside
    a very, very large fish.

  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius

    I often wonder if people are wary of such free e-book sites because there are so many that list books for free and when the download is clicked, it downloads malware and even viruses.

  • potetjppotetjp Professor

    I think Scribd should be avoided.

  • Hello LinLithgow

    Have you checked with our support team? If you select the Kobo and Everywhere Else option, your book is eligible for distribution to Scribd. Perhaps it is just not there yet?  How long have you patiently waited?

  • Hi all.


    Kevin, etc - Scribd is included 'in the Kobo and everything else' portion of Lulu's distribution channel, and it's not a free site, actually.


    Glenn - The book has been published for three years, but went free about three months ago. Since then, I have revised it, thinking that by re-revising it, the book might get pushed to Scribd. When was the first time I did that, after it went free? Not certain, but I believe at least a month ago.


    Also, is there a way to get a list of all the booksellers that 'Kobo and everywhere else' includes? I recently found some of my books uploaded illegally on a site as a 'document', and I want to be sure that whatever site I find it on, it is a site that is supposed to have it.



  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius

    Kevin, etc - Scribd is included 'in the Kobo and everything else' portion of Lulu's distribution channel, and it's not a free site, actually.


    The same can apply to subsciption sites. Even Spotify has rankled some artists because they get paid peanuts.

  • Hi Glenn...


    So now NONE of my books are on Scribd. I pushed my 9th book to you last night, "The Templars Falter", (which clearly won't show up for a long time), but the previous eight books I've published, (the last one was January perhaps?), are not there. Is Scribd not a Lulu partner any longer? So my problem has gotten worse since I last posted. =|





  • I'll also add the book 5 in one series, "Step In To the Light", was originally published in 2015 through Lulu and it isn't on Kobo. This is very frustrating!




  • Scribd's definitely still a partner. I published my first novel in June and it's on there, so it looks like you're having a more unique problem. I hope they figure it out for you.

  • Hi Holly,


    I'm checking with our distribution team to see if we can get your titles resent to Scribd. From our end, it looks like the books have been sent to them, so hopefully it is just an error on their end.

  • Thanks, Scyoni! I was selling books on Scribd not that long ago, so I thought it was weird too - thanks for verifying. It would be nice to be able to just focus on writing and editing, and not managing so much! Smiley Happy

  • Thanks Paul! Appreciate the quick response. Any idea about my book on Kobo?

  • It should be on Kobo (if the option is check in the "Manage" section). I think our distribution team will be able to see any channel that should be showing the book when they resend, and if it is not showing up in that channel, they can send it through again. 


    That should clear up the issue, but if you continue to have problems finding the titles on the channels you've selected, definitely let us know so we can reach out to those distirbutors and get it corrected.  

  • Thanks Paul - I updated my book a few months ago with a more current list of published novels and made sure 'Kobo and everywhere else' was checked, so we'll see.


    How long should I wait before I ping you guys if they don't show up?


    Thanks again,


  • I would give us a few weeks, as the retailers may have to review the books before they post them up. We generally ask for up to 8 weeks, but it shouldn't be that long, as our distribution team is directly contacting Scribd and Kobo.

  • Great, thanks again.


    I'm just wondering why they were up there and then went away in the first place... they are marked as having explicit content, and I never received anything from you all that they didn't fulfill some guideline. I wish I knew, in case it's something I did inadvertantly, so I can avoid it in the future.


    Will check in a few weeks!

  • So it's been a number of weeks, (around three), and here is the status:


    Kobo: Still missing book 5, "Step In To the Light"


    Scribd: Missing every book except my most recent one, "The Templars Falter".


    I wonder what else is missing in other channels that I don't know you supply. =(





  • So cool, that's there now, but still missing on everything else on Scribd except for my latest.

  • Paul? Any update on why they're not on Scribd?


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