Will Lulu let you make payments or do you cave to come up with all that money at one time

I would love to have my book published but I can't come up with a 1000 at one time


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    Colby, it will cost $10 000 to publish at Lulu. Where did you come up with $1000.


    Kidding. It's free.

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  • not if you publish your book and they print it etc..

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    It is completely free to publish your book. All you have to do is buy a proof copy of your book. If you are satisfied with it then you click Distribute and your book will be available for sale on Amazon and other places.The printing costs are borne by the person buying the book.


    If you can't, or won't, do all the work yourself then Lulu has various packages available whereby they do the work for you, which is probably what you're thinking of.

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    From what I saw your book has only 9 pages so you do not need an ISBN (because you are not eligible for distribution), nor do you need a proof. Therefore it is completely free.



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    Yep it's free except for the price of one proof which is cost. Unless you decide to buy services from lulu such as editing or cover making then it's free.

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    It only costs $$$ if you use the Lulu professional services. If you do it yourself, there is no upfront cost.

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  • Go here and select the type of book you want to make, and put in your number of pages. It will tell you if your book is elligible for distribution and if they can print that number of pages.


    From what I can see, the lowest number of pages elligible for distribution is 24 for a hardcover book or 32 for a paperback. 

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    If you publish the book yourself all you have to spend money on is the proof copy of your book, which you get at a discount because you are the author. It costs you nothing to publish the book, to get the ISBN for your book, or to distirbute it to online retailers. On the other hand, if you want someone to publish the book for you then whoever will publish the book for you will charge a fee for that. 

  • I have tried going in but it wants me toi do thge whole process of downloading book etc. Can't it just let me change cover??

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    Colby2007 a écrit :

    I have tried going in but it wants me toi do thge whole process of downloading book etc. Can't it just let me change cover??

    Make a revision, go through all the stages without modifying anything, and only change the cover.  Smiley Happy

  • i tried that it wont let me get to book cover

  • In my projects, find the book you want to edit, and click 'revise'.

    If the book is already published, look to the top right of the next page to click 'create revision'.


    Now you are at "Choose Your Project Options" screen with an image of some kind of print book. 

    Click "Save & Continue"


    Now you are at "Name Your Book" screen.

    Click "Save & Continue"


    If you have an ISBN, now you are at "Using your ISBN" screen.

    Click "Save & Continue"


    Now you are at "Add Files" screen.

    Click "Make Print-Ready File"


    Now you are on a screen with a loading bar and gears that says "Please be patient, Lulu is making your print-ready file"

    Wait, and let lulu do extra work for no reason. (I don't understand why they make you go through all of this every time, but it's their processing power, so whatever.) 

    Click "Save & Contiue"


    Now you are on the cover screen.

    Edit your cover as you see fit.



    If you cannot reach the end of this set of instructions, you're going to need to be really specific about what's wrong for anyone to help you.


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