Chapters, headings, frustration

My book has been repeatedly rejected for lack of chapters. It's a collection of stories. First, each story had a title using a title format. Then I changed every chapter to header format. Saved as a *.doc, it gets rejected each time for lack of chapters, because I'm not using headings. But I am. 


I'm working in pages and converting to Word. Is that the problem?


I would be delighted if somebody could help me with this.


Thank you.


  • And I tried yet again, making the title "Heading 1" and all the story title "Heading 2." I got the same error message - There do not appear to be any chapters in your table of contents. This suggests that you need to properly set chapter divisions in your document.

  • I always make the title heading one. Then each chapter title heading one as well. This will give you chapters during the covertor wizard. Any subchapters I will use heading 2 for those. Try heading 1 for all and see if that helps.

  • Can it be just "Heading" or is the software looking for something explicitly defined as "Heading 1"? And thank you.
  • I set every story title to "Heading 1," and did the same for the Title on the front page. No luck. ARGH!

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    Pages is the problem.


    Open up your Word manuscript and reassign Heading 1 to all story titles and place your book title on the very first line of your manuscript.



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  • How can I change my book cover in ebooks so i can get more sales.

  • Hi Colby2007,


    To upload your own cover, you have to revise and get to the Marketing Image step. From there, click "Background & Pictures", then click on the small thumbnail to edit. Now you'll see an option to "Use a Different File." From here you can upload your own image for the cover. 

  • My Suggestion is to put the Title of your book as a Collection of stories or something similar, and then make each new Story a new chapter.  i found an app that works great for something this. I have a Biography I titled love No Matter What and then put the individual story title as Heading  2's and the chapters within each story as 3's. I use Open Office, and the app that goes with this program for Epub books is great. I'm sure there are others too.

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