Table of contents

What does it mean when on the ebook coverter when it says 


"There do not appear to be any chapters in your table of contents. This suggests that you need to properly set chapter divisions in your document.

Learn how to correct your table of contents, or for even more insight, read our EPUB Creator's Guide or visit our discussion forums.

There were also a few more issues, but we took care of them for you. Show what was changed


Note: If your table of contents is not properly formatted, your eBook will be rejected from retail channels like Amazon Kindle, Apple iBookstore, Barnes & Noble NOOK store, and Kobo. To avoid this, you can choose one of our eBook conversion packagesand let us create your eBook for you." 


I don't understand!


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    The epub Creator Guide tells you what to do step by step, mainly that you need to assign heading styles to your chapter headings.

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  • Ebook table of contents are created by using Heading styles in your document. Apply Heading 1 to your title. Also apply Heading 1 to your copyright info. Apply Heading 2 to each chapter number (or title, if you're not using numbers). The epub software detects that those styles were applied and knows to separate the information. Headings are found under Styles & Formatting in your word processing program.



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