Is there an option for matte paperback cover?

Me again. I'm setting up my paperbacks and noticed it says "gloss," but there's nowhere I can see that offers matte as an option. Is this available? To be honest I think matte just looks more professional.


  • Ron MillerRon Miller Professor

    I agree that it can look really nice...but when one opts for POD publishing there are infinitely fewer options available than in traditional publishing.

    Black Cat Studios
  • So no option for matte on Lulu? Seems like they would offer it, since all the other POD distributors do. :/
  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius

    Don't worry about it. It's no glossier than a photo, and I have to admit that's how I like my covers.

  • Eh, I'll just go with CreateSpace, in this case. All of my previously pubbed books have matte covers and I have a specific aesthetic QA for my line. Gotta keep things uniform, you know? It wouldn't be a big deal but I'm in the middle of a series. (My publisher shut down and I'm going back to self-pubbing.)
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