Can't upload .pdf for book, LuLu says fonts aren't embedded but Acrobat does?

I need some guidance from someone with more experience than me. I'm trying to upload a completed book to LuLu for publishing. It contains a few pages that originated as a .pdf file, and I only have them in that format. They cannot be easily converted to Word, or another format and re-authored into the book (believe me, I've tried!)  I followed all the proper steps when creating the .pdf file, and Acrobat says that the fonts are all embedded but when I try to upload the finished product to LuLu it won't accept it, and says the two "OpenType" fonts aren't embedded. 


Does anyone have any ideas? I've already tried using the Preflight tool in Acrobat to "re-embed" the fonts, and I've tried printing the .pdf to another .pdf... neither of which changed the outcome upon upload. 






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