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DPI problem

I have a problem with DPI inside my book


I have scanned pictures from an old, out of copyright book at 600 DPI


However when making the print-ready file, Lulu tells me that it has detected low resolution images and I should use 300 DPI or more.


I have definitely scanned the images at 600 DPI, as the attachment will show - you can see this by right clicking the properties of the picture and I have not enlarged them on the page


Has anybody got any advice?


  • I get that sometimes with black and white photos. Unless it's very faint or light, the photo ususally comes out fine. I think you'll fine with that.

  • Thanks for your reply 


    However, would the warning of less than 300 DPI stop me from entering global reach and selling it on Amazon?

  • Em_PressEm_Press Professor

    The system is probably detecting a resolution problem, even if it is  the reverse. Your  images must be 300 dpi, not 600 dpi. Reduce them all, print the PDF and reupload.



     A citizen of the world.

  • Thanks for your suggestion to try it on 300 DPI


    I did try it - as an experiment with one image and 10 blank pages, but still maddeningly the same warning of


    We detected low resolution images in your file (page 1). For best results we recommend image resolution of 300 ppi.


    I attach the image used

  • Em_PressEm_Press Professor

    That is a gorgeous image.


    Ok, it might be that you have software installed on your computer that reduces dpi the minute you save it there. Software like Picasso. Or, it might be that you have a small icon that is low res. Perhaps a fleuron, your title is an image? Check both possibilities. Usually lulu tells you which page your image is low res.


    Also, check that you have selected the option "Keep document resolution" in Word, and not Reduce to email resolution 96 dpi.



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  • Em_PressEm_Press Professor

    If those do not work, install the Microsoft Word add-on Kutools.  It will give you Ennterprise. With this you can extract all images in the file to one folder. Open all in Photoshop or Gimp and find the  low res culprit.


    But, do this only after you have tried the other two solutions.

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  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius

    It is possible they may no longer be 300dpi on your Word pages.


    The sample image you supplied is also huge, have you not resized them to fit your pages before you imported to them?


    Just a thought.

  • Thanks for your advice everybody


    Sadly I might just give up on the idea of marketing on Amazon, as because it is sheet music and needs small lines and symbols, there is the added issue of 


    We detected line art or other graphics with line weights that may not be detected by our printers (pages 22-38, 40, 42-46, 48-55, 60-70, 72, 74-78). Lulu recommends line weights > .002 inches (.005 cm)




    Fonts smaller than 6pts do not consistently print clearly (pages 46, 67). Please increase your font size and re-upload your file.


    Which just happens to be how sheet music has to appear on the page

  • Em_PressEm_Press Professor

    Adrian, ignore that message and  move on. I get it all the time as I add tiny spaces sometimes.


    And, do not give up on distribution. One more step.

     A citizen of the world.

  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius

    Are you uploading a PDF? Often such problems go when you do.


    What size Project are you trying to do?


    I find it remarkable that the Wizard comes up with that warning because the printing companies use bubblejet and laser printers that have a very high definition. I think my own home printer goes up to a crazy 12,000dpi.


    As said already, ignore that warning, Continue, and see what it comes out like as a printed Proof.

  • In terms of the quality of the physical book - I ordered some test copies last week and the qualty of the sheet music print was excellent - I had done it on Sibelius, the best music engraving software. All the musical lines and notes were clear.


    I am just concerned that all the warnings will exclude it from gloal reach


    I will sort out the DPI issues, ignore the warnings on lines being too small and hopefully be able to approve by the end of the week


    Thanks for the advice

  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius

    I am just concerned that all the warnings will exclude it from gloal reach


    I doubt that. Too be honest I doubt if any humans view inside the books to fail them or otherwise. They would have to also look at every original file to compare them with to see if they look the same.

  • Almost same problem

    Lulu message: “We detected low resolution images in your file” – MSWord10 black & white photos 300ppi. Advanced setting is “Do not compress image file”. I went back and recheck each photo by saving photo from Word file and then checking resolution. One was 600ppi (my logo) and I reduced it down to 300ppi and tried again. Still get same message.


    This is how I check resolution: From Word file right click on photo and “save picture as” – saved file to folder. I then opened the file using “Paint.Net” and then clicked on “Image” then “resize”. Box opens up showing current size and resolution in “pixels/inch”. All photos are 300 pixels per inch.


    Over two years of work - thousands of hours of work – lots of photos and I am stuck….


    Any suggestions?


    I am just concerned that all the warnings will exclude it from gloal reach.....


    Added Info: I added border to the photos in Word. Could this be the problem?? Also I used "change photo" to replace photos that were altered (dark/bright etc) and some photos that were at lower resolution. I recheck all photos and they are at 300ppi. I did not have advanced setting checked to "Discard editing data".

  • I get warnings all the time when publishing a book. Most are dpi or other warnings. They still get through to Amazon etc. Unless it's the cover I would worry too bad especially if it's an ebook. Paperbacks usually pass through as well. I just republished one paperback with some corrections to the interior, it still got listed.

  • Found it (I hope)! Lulu / MSWord problem

    I loaded Word10 file to Lulu for conversion (as I have with other books years ago except with Word03). Low resolution image error and small text font errors are found when converted. ALSO pages with large size or many images have the end text of the page pushed off the page (page break) or pushed into next page. Lulu Problem – It enlarges each of the photos by a small amount (down loaded and check from PDF). All photos are 300ppi in original file and when enlarged during conversion the pixels/inch are reduced; 299 or 298ppi and therefore are under 300ppi.


    I think (hope) the problems will go away when I convert to PDF using doPDF with embed fonts and up-load the file to Lulu.

    Cross your fingers – I will know in a few days

  • Font size below 6pt -

    Still having font size problem but much bigger and cannot ignore the warning because Lulu will not complete book ready file (crash at end of making/converting PDF files). Book 260 pages with 659 photos; MS word 10; PDF made with novaPDF. I removed / deleted or changed on spaces made with font less than 6pt but Lulu warning note stills says there are under fonts on pages. Still need help - I posted the problem on the Lulu with 6 page sample showing pages. See link attached


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