Anyone else not paid yet?

Can't figure this one out. I always get paid without fail on the 17th and have for over 2 years now. Even on Sundays. My other account they held for one month which I understand. Then the second month I get paid on the 29th and was told it would change to the 17th. So the second month it's on the 29th, This month nothing so far. 29th has come and gone Smiley Happy Just would be nice to get paid the same time on each account which are both by paypal so I can plan some purchases. Or least know when I'm getting paid for each so I'm not disappointed. Yes I did contact support last month and yesterday. They said paypal pays on the 29th which is wrong, I'm getting paid on the 17th as I said before without fail for 2 years. Just frustrating is all. Is it because of Easter Monday? That would be strange since I paid even on Sunday. Please don't hit me Smiley Happy


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