Books Published Outside the UK

Despite my reluctance to publish print books I published a print book today for sale at $ 6.99 and available on Lulu only.


When I went to check it out on other Lulu stores I found it was selling at £ 6.52 in the UK and Euro 7.45 in Europe.


If publishing costs were exactly the same in all three locations then I would have expected - at current exchange rates - prices of £4.86 and Euro 6.18


I wouldn't want to buy this book at £ 6.52 and still have to pay postage on it!


Are we to assume that it costs so much more to print a book in the UK than it does it France, which costs more than printing in the USA and that this is what accounts for the higher prices?


  • Yes, the difference would be due to printer costs in different regions.

  • Em_PressEm_Press Professor



    I work in the US store and buy in the US store. I never even look at the Canadian prices. Too depressing.


    I think Lulu should move their Canadian printer to Montreal; everything is much much less expensive. Rent, labour, products.

    This would reduce the price of books  -- and Lulu would save/make  money.


    I know it's not the place to suggest, but if I start posting my opinions daily in Suggest, I will be spamming...

     A citizen of the world.

  • potetjppotetjp Professor

    Taxes on manufactured products are not the same from one country to the next

  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius

    A bit off-tangent, but printed books in most countries are not liable to Sales Tax or VAT (it is charged on e-books now) but it is charged on the materials and labour involved in Packing and Posting (Shipping) but one trick I have noticed is that it is charged on the whole, including the contents, which indirectly means it is also being charged on the printed book the box contains.

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