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Just got sales report. What does - 1 mean?

I had 2 sales from Amazon that said minus 1 but had my profit listed to the right. I'm hoping people can't read our books then return them. If so what's the point. Anyone know?



    This happens to me quite often. I believe it is when someone returns the book. They possibly purchased the wrong version for their reader, or maybe they do read the book and return it. Who knows?


  • Em_PressEm_Press Professor

    If one reads less than 20% of your ebook they can return it.


    Print sales report should come in tomorrow.

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  • oncewasoncewas Librarian

    Kindle readers are allowed to return a book within a specific time frame without any questions asked. Amazon say that they monitor this for abuse. However, I have seen a post on an internet forum where the poster was rather cheesed off that Amazon had closed or frozen their account (can't remember which) because they were treating Kindle like a lending library. This particular individual had returned something like 50 % of the 200 books they had downloaded that year (and 60 % of the books they downloaded the previous year) and they were complaining that Amazon did not make it clear at which point you would be penalized for abusing the system! Personally, I think the red flag should have been raised long before this but what is really sad is that there are people in this world who see nothing wrong with doing this.


    It would appear that ebook returns on Kindle are very common and the more you sell the more you see. It is conceivable that someone could read a short book and return it but unfortunately there is nothing you can do about it. Perhaps some people click on the buy button without reading the blurb or the sample pages and then later decide they don't want to read the book that they downloaded. Others might think 'okay, I've read that; now let's send it back for a refund so that I can buy something else'.

  • How can they tell if someone reads less than 20 percent of a book if they download a kindle? Scribd I understand and Google reads.

  • oncewasoncewas Librarian

    Kindle Select used to pay out a certain amount after 10 % of a book had been read so Kindles do have the facility to work out how many page turns have occurred. KDP Select now pays out about half a cent for every page read.


    However, people can return the book even if they have read all of it.

  • This was either a refund or a correction. My guess would be the sales were part of an Amazon order they ended up refunding for one reason or another.

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