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The first volume of Spiffies and Loonies, the English edition of my sitcom titled Fringues et Dingues in French and Extrapolations in the bilingual edition, was launched in May 2015. While a few copies of Extrapolations have been bought, not a single one of Spiffies and Loonies has been ordered so far. Yet, lo and behold, someone in Gloucester, UK, has successfully sold one on the 10th of January for £15.97.

So far I have only presented a US friend with a copy. Unless he sent it to a friend of his in the UK, and the latter auctioned it, I just don't see how this copy could have ever popped up on e-Bay.

EBAY-2016-01-10-Spiffies & Loonies-B-8x4.jpg


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