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Page numbers.

Do you have to include title page, table of contents, preface in your overall page count?  Right now I just have them under roman numerals like a textbook then page 1 starts at story.  Is that unacceptable for formatting requirements?  I did it this way so table of contents would show page one as story 1 and not page 4 as story 1. 


  • Yes, all pages are counted, including the blank ones. The very last page of your book has to be blank. Besides the total of pages has to be divisible by 4! Add as many blank pages as necessary in case it isn't.

  • Page count is not the same as page numbering. It's tradition to start numbering from the first story page, with no page numbers (or Headers and Footers) on any other pages. Often the first numbered page is numbered 1, but some start with the number that the page actually is. Word will let you set up that way, using Sections, and I assume other WPs will also.

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