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Turn around time

I am in the process of editing the file to upload for a color hard cover book. How long of a turn around time to get my color book published?


  • As soon as you finish your Project via a Project Wizard.


    But if you opt for an ISBN it will be up to 8 weeks before it appears for sale on other sites. (It will be available on your Spotlight, though.) Do not forget that Distribution via ISBN will not happen until you buy and Approve a Proof.

  • A hard-bound colout book takes over two weeks to make and deliver, while a soft-bound black-and-white one takes a single week or less.

  • So if I do not care about the ISBN part two weeks?
  • The book will be available for purchase on Lulu immediately after finishing the publishing process. The print time for a hardcover is 6-8 business days.


    Shipping will vary based on the method you select, but for US shipping, mail is around 2-7 business days, Fedex Ground 2-5 business days, Expedited 2 business days, and Express 1 business day. Also be aware that Thanksgiving is next week, and our printers/shippers may experiences some delays around the holiday

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