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I am planning on creating a 2nd Edition of my book and started the process of creating a Test Print to check a few things before publishing and I notice that US Trade is no longer an option for Perfect Bound Paperbacks. This would not be a problem except that my current Edition is this size and I now am wondering if my book is being published in a different size, the original size or not at all. 

When publishing my 2nd Edition I also intend to publish Pocket and Hardback Versions. I found formatting my book to US Trade spec a real brain ache last time & wondered if there is a "Hire an Expert" option (or someone here?) that I can send my manuscript to and them format it (and lay it out as I want) for me? I only need formatting help and possible assistance with prepping for Distribution. I don't need any other services beyond those.
Thanks in advance for any hep you can provide with these questions!


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    The US Trade format is printed on cream paper. Choose the cream paper option and you will see the 6x9 format on the book builder page.


    There are several people in the forums who do this type of work. Perhaps one of them will see your request for assistance and respond.



  • Ah that explains it thanks.


    Oh brilliant! Hopefully someone will. It is (or should be rather) a simple matter of formatting to match the current Edition but when changing book dimensions and then subsequently adjusting the font size and the image sizes etc... I get a bit bamboozled by it lol

  • Hi Whistle,


    I have a three week turnaround time at this point, but I'd be happy to look at your manuscript.


    Write to me through the Contact button at my website if you like.

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  • Great!

    I will need to get further along on the new version first before emailing still I think.

    Thanks tho will be in touchSmiley Happy

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