Cover Wizard Zooming Problem

I'm using the Cover Wizard and am trying to edit the text in the title block portion of the front cover. What happens is that when I click on that area in the main view to edit it, it zooms in to a huge size and the text that I want to edit is below what's showing on the screen. Then, I am unable to scroll down to select or edit that text. There are scrollbars next to the window, but as soon as I click on the scrollbar slider to move the view down, the wizard exits the zoomed-in edit window and goes back to the overview. The same happens if I try to scroll by clicking the arrow at the bottom of the scrollbar.


I know there must be a way to get this to work since I somehow did get into an editable window with a normal-sized view of the text a couple days ago, but so far I am unable to get it to work again. Also, thinking it might be a browser issue, I tried it both in Firefox and Chrome with the same results.


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