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You know, someone just replying to his problem and writing 'search the forum' or 'it works by magic' or even the post saying 'solved see solution’: and the answer is... there is no solution isn’t really doing it for me.

When I use the command in spotlight to order my work by publication date, it simply does not work. Is there a trick? Can you drag content into a certain order? I want my customers to see the latest calendar or book, not go to page one and think 'nothing’s changed since last visit.'

There's got to be a better solution to this topic than Lulu staff simply replying: search the forum.

Any constructive ideas or solutions?



  • You can't do what you would like to do.

    This has been a problem for nearly 18 months since the new Author Spotlight replaced the original Author Storefront which was vastly better..

    We've been promised a replacement for over a year but those in high places deem it of little importance.

    Perhaps next year. Smiley Mad


  • Thanks Ken! It does seem daft not to be able to put your products where you think they shoud go. And I also prefered the older look/facility.


  • It certainly is.

    What I don't understand is why the "powers that be" in Lulu don't recognise that this is a high priority requirement for the vast majority of Lulu'ers.

    It's a fairly simple software task. In fact reverting to the old Storefront could probably be done in a matter of moments.

    With the **bleep** ups we've seen in recent software updates and total lack of conformity in recent software across the board in the last six months I do wonder if they have anyone with real software management expertise supervising software maintenance and development at Raleigh.

    I could go on, and probably will, but it's water off the ducks back. Smiley Mad

  • Also, if I remember correctly the 'delete' for author spotlight is right next to the view spotlight link.

    Tempting to move business elsewhere at times!

  • I think the Pro's outweigh the Con's. Smiley Happy

  • Hello JamesCollinsSymi

    I tested the sort by Publication Date on my Author Spotlight page (using Firefox browser) and it sorted my projects from newest to oldest, which is how the feature is designed.

    As Ken states there have been numerous recommendations to improve this area of the site. I have passed them all along to our product team for review and consideration for inclusion in future releases. Hopefully these enhancements can be moved up higher on the enhancements priority list.

  • I know that it was well before your time Glenn but the old Author Storefront allowed authors to sort the placement (not the order) of each book where they wanted each to be.

    The current sort is of little use to man nor beast.

    I'm sure that whoever designed the current Spotlight has little if any practical experience of using such products in real life!

  • I also use Firfox and it moves mine from oldest to newest so the newest is on page 2 at the end of the list!

  • Hmmmm

    @James: I chose to sort by Ranking and then resorted by Publication Date. My projects were then listed with the most recently published displaying as the first title. I am unsure why your projects display differently.

    @Ken: My voice is only one in the chorus of authors who continually request improvements to the spotlight pages. I will continue to forward comments and suggestions from authors and users to the product management team as a means to move these improvements up on the priority list.


  • Thanks. I will try that. Smiley Happy

  • Apologies if this request has been made before, but I wish that Lulu would allow the book titles on an author's spotlight to be sorted alphabetically. I have ten books and five of them are in a series separate in title only by volume number. It would be nice if they could all be grouped together instead of scattered by publication date (ranking means nothing).  If this has not already been requested, please pass this along. It seems like it would be a simple add to the spotlight page code.  Thank you.

  • Sorting alphabetically on the Author Spotlight has been actively requested by Lulu members for years.  Why hasn't this ever been resolved?

  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius

    Possibly because what would be the advantage? Most book stores, for example, list alphabetically by author's last name, but our own Lulu Spotlights are already our own name, so everything on mine is under my name.

    My book titles, and I assume most writer's book titles, are not alphabetical in order. E.G. The title of my first book did not start with A but with an L, my last book started with a K, one I am working on now may start with an H.


    The Spotlights list in order of publication or revision.  (There was a time they could be moved in to other orders though.)


    But it would be an advantage if series could be listed side by side and all books listed together with both printed and e-book options.

  • The advantage for someone like myself is that I have ten books and five of them are in a series separate in title only by volume number. It would be nice if they could all be grouped together in order instead of scattered by publication date (ranking means nothing since I turn that off anyway). Right now, a visitor to my Lulu spotlight sees a jumbled bunch of books listed in no specific order and they aren't going to care about the revision dates of the books.  Whether or not other authors use this specific ordering on their spotlight isn't the issue. Having the option for those who have requested it is what matters.  I've been a Lulu author since 2004 and while I rarely post on the forums anymore, I do occasionally read through them and I've seen many besides myself requesting this option since the storefronts were converted over to the current spotlight pages.

  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius

    There were indeed more options when they were called Storefronts and not Spotlights. I have also seen a few people over the years asking if they can arrange their books how they like, and that's not often alphabetically, so what you and others are wanting is greater control over a range of listing options. What Lulu actually do is what's economical for Lulu. Thankfully the place is free to use.


    Myself and many others take little notice of the Spotlights, to be frank, I rarely even look at mine. Some of us have our own websites and most of us use ISBNs and Distribution to dozens of on-line stores, and of course we have no control at all how they list our books, but it places our books in more places for potential buyers to find.

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