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chapter spacing

Hi, I have one last question before uploading my file to Lulu's e-book convertor. Having thoroughly read the formatting guidelines, I understand that the converor will create a page break before each title heading, so that each new chapter starts at the top of a page. With my previous novel I allowed Lulu's 'publishing assistant' (no longer available) to format my ebook and this was very good, each chapter started at a new page and the extra spacing I'd put in on the print version was included just like the print book. In print books I prefer some spacing on the new chapter page as this looks a little more professional. In Word I do this with a few hard returns, however I believe the convertor will remove these, presumably leaving each chapter start right at the top of the page. Is there any way to get each new chapter page to retain the extra space?


Also, I have a quote on page 3. I'm assuming I need to assign a heading to this as well if I want it to appear on a seperate page in the e-readers?


  • Modify your heading 1 one so that you have extra spacing before.

    You can assign a New Style to your quotes. You can create a page break in Sigil before this section or, yes, assign a heading style to it: H1.

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  • Yeah, I think I get that. I've taken all the page breaks, headers and footers etc. out of my doc and assigned H1 to the title, copyright and chapter numbers. Just wasn't sure about the spacing ie: hard returns, I should use between each of these. 

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