Justification or not

What I'm hearing from some of you here is that it might be better if I submit a non-justified rtf file when I'm ready to create my ebook. So then, is line justification a part of Lulu's conversion process?  If not, are ebooks  without justification common? I'm just wondering.


Again, I'll thank you all in advance for responding.


  • You are being replied to in another thread.

  • If I am gripped by a story I don't really care if the text is justified, or not, on an ereader, although I prefer justified for print books. I have seen both justified and non justified ebooks in the Kindle Top 10 so it would appear not to make too much difference to the buying public.


    I do justify my text when publishing directly on Kindle and I have used non justified in the past when creating ebooks on Lulu, but lately I have been using justified on Lulu, too, without incident.

  • Thank you so much! That's good to know.

  • Hello Nightwind

    On my NOOK eReader I can set not only the font size, but also the margins, line spacing and justification.


    Since the reader can choose these options for themselves, it really does not make much difference what you choose for the manuscript you upload. This is the beauty of reflowable text and eReaders.

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