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Covers for PDF ebooks



I successfully converted a document from Word to a PDF ebook and completed the publishing wizard.


I used the option of creating the ebook only for my personal use, so that i could review the finalized ebook properly before offering it for sale. I then downloaded the ebook from my Lulu page, but the downloaded pdf doesn't have the front cover (marketing image) on it when opened on a computer, and even when opened on different Android ereaders.


According to previous forum posts, the front cover is added to Epub books later by Lulu and there is no way to predict when exactly this will happen. However the following forum post seems to imply that this doesn't apply to PDFs:


The post i am concerned about says: "You upload it at the Marketing Image stage. Eventually the software, or even Lulu staff perhaps, place it as the first 'page' of your ePub, which is sort of also the cover, so there's no need for you to do it. Unless it's a PDF e-book. It would be nice if people said which".


Focus on the words "Unless it's a PDF e-book". Does that mean that covers (marketing image) are NOT added to pdf ebooks? If they are not, then should I manually add the cover to the PDF before uploading? If so do I still go ahead and keep the marketing image produced through the wizard.


I would appreciate any help  on this, as I wish to get everything set up properly before offering my ebook for sale.


Let me clarify that i do not wish to convert my document to epub as i wish to preserve my Word Doc formatting.


Thanks in advance.


  • Hello,


    Yes, that is correct. The cover is not attached to the PDF for you. Although it is added as a marketing image when you upload it. If you would like the image to be within your interior file, then you must add it and reupload.


    Good luck.

     A citizen of the world.

  • Thanks Maggie.

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