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I have opted out of Kindle but want to change that


I upload all of my projects in docx format and use the Lulu wizard to convert it to an EPUB


When I went to choose to include Kindle,  it shows as "Ineligible"


Do I need to upload a MOBI file as well as the docx to include Kindle with all of the other distribution channels?




  • To which title do you wish to add Kindle distribution?


    Your EPUB file will be converted to MOBI format as part of the distribution process. No need to upload a separate file.

  • I want to include all of my work


    On the manage distribution pages, all of the channels that show as "processed", under Amazon Kindle, show as "Ineligible"



  • So, I checked with Henry on our eBook QA team to see if there was a reason why this would be the case. He does not recall receiving a rejection notification from our eBook distributor.


    Usually, Kindle ineligibility is due to the author indicating the work is already published on Kindle. Have you, by chance been selecting that option when you publish? If so, that is the cause. That question, is specifically about whether YOU have a version currently available for purchase on Kindle.


    If you have not been selecting that option during publication, let me know and we will dig deeper.

    If you have been selecting that option, we will need to go into every published project and deselect that option for you in our administration portal.

  • I will check..where is that option? I really don't recall seeing it

    Thanks Glenn.

  • When you get to the distribution step in the eBook wizard, the Kindle option is deselected by default. When you select Kindle as a distribution option, you will see a pop-up window, like the one below.


    kindle duplicate confirmation.png


    If you choose, "No" your book will be sent to the Kindle bookstore. If you select "Yes" the Kindle option will be blocked and labeled as ineligible. The question is specific to your project - if you have not published a version of the project on Kindle, you should select "No."


    If you have selected "Yes" in the past for a project, you must contact support and request them to change the option back to "no." This will allow you to go into each project you wish to distribute to Kindle and add the distribution option from the Manage page.


    I hope this helps.



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