digital picture problems

Lulu requires 300 DPI but when I try to upload pictures I get a message that says


The following files are too large:
    0815 NEW edit.JPG

Maximum file size is 10240 kb.


How do I comply with Lulu's requirement?


  • Even minimum jpg compression drastically reduces actual file size.


    A 50mb 5,400 x 3,600 pixel 300dpi when 'closed' is only 7.7mb, for example. And as you can see that's a far larger image than you need for even the largest book on Lulu. An A5 at 600 dpi is around 3.5mb.

  • If the picture is for your front cover, just give it the dimensions of the front cover plus a few millimetres. If you are talking about pictures illustrating your book, these should be embedded in your original file, hence the PDF you upload to Lulu.
  • I keep on getting messages saying the photos in my books should be 300 DPI but since they are very old photos in some case they can be higher or lower. I use them anyway and most instances they are fine. They are all embedded in the PDF anyway and are alway accepted at that point, no problem. I always make sure my coer photo is 300 DPI though.

  • Maybe it's the new Lulu system. If the quality of an illustration in your PDF is not good enough, it recalls the standard expected. The problem is can you go through in the creation process or are you blocked?
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