some of my ebooks are missing off these sites. links here. opened case files but no reply yet.

Hi i've got missing books by my pen name and also my real name Nick Armbrister. Will do another post for that other issue. I opened case files on lulu but have hd no reply yet. I posted here so lulu can fix it. Thanx in advance. 


Original writing with ref nos:


[ reflithium00D506zQ6._50050gxS7Z:ref ] Lulu Case: 01271936 General inquiries



hi there, please sort my missing ebooks on scribd out. JIMMY BOOM SEMTEX ebooks not on scribd website

missing books lulu links:

thanx jimmy (nick)




also this one:


[ reflithium00D506zQ6._50050gxSPi:ref ] Lulu Case: 01271945 General inquiries



hi, some more of my books are missing off oyster books. JIMMY BOOM SEMTEX ebooks not on oyster website. please sort it out.

missing books lulu links:

thanx jimmy (nick)



my lulu url:



  • Hello Nick

    I see your case in the queue.  We were out of the office Thursday and have gotten just a bit behind in our responses. I am sure you will hear from someone in Support shortly.


    Thank you for your patience while we investigate this problem.

  • hi Glenn thanx on that, i know they're busy and it takes time to respond/sort it. i'll see what they say when they reply and hope it can be fixed soon.

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