Foreign (Tamil) language book - learn to program computers in vernacular

Hello everyone,


My first time in Lulu jungle, and so far its been a pleasant process to getting my book published. Thank you. I just published my eBook today that teaches vernacular literate students to program computers.

I was wondering if anyone knows how long it takes to reach the Nook or iBookstore distribution channels to get listed on them?




  • Normal one week to Apple, 2-3 weeks for B&N.
  • Hi,

    On a related did you get Tamil script to work on Lulu? I'm trying to publish my Mom's novel in Tamil and somehow it doesn't show up correctly despite embedding the font. Is there any particular Tamil font that works?



  • Use UTF-8 encoding and export document to PDF. Word or LibreOffice should both work.


  • MachMach Chennai, INDIA Author


    I am Mrs. Chelliah.I have a tamil manuscript cookery book.But i don;t know how to publish in Please help

    Mrs. Manimekalai Chelliah

  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius

    This is a very old thread and you would have been better creating a new one, but everything you need to know is here >>



    Pay particular attention to what you need to create, before you use Lulu's tools.

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