Support isn't making sense

Guess you saw my post. I've been arguing with support that I'm missing revenue for one sale. Around the first week of July I changed the title of Tactics of the New World Order to A Once Great Nation. I also got a new ISBN and republished the book in July 9th. I get this sale on the 23rd of July for A Once Great Nation. There is zero revenue for it. Support said that apple told them that a purchase for Tactics was made in June and that this was just a redownload. If this is true shouldn't the sale be under that name and not for A Once Great Nation? Am I missing something here? Support keeps saying the same thing over and over. But it still isn't right, how can someone buy Tactics, redownload it on the 28th of June and the then the sale get reported as A Once Great Nation which was not published until the 9th of July. The second sale without revenue is the proof of paperback version I ordered. Sorry to bring it up again but if you can explain it to me I'd really appreciate it.


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