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I'm working on a book of poems and artwork interpretations of them for the local arts council. The paper will be matte (not glossy), and I want to ensure that, with having a picture on each side of a page, the one from the other side of the page won't show through on the backside.


What weight of paper would work best for that, one which is offered by Lulu when we're using the bookmaking template, please?


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Gail (Glenoran)



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    The paper used by Lulu for colour books is fine. The art does not show through on the other side.


    I've made children's books with full page images on every page and they look amazing.



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  • Thanks very much, Maggie!


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  • Hello Glenoran

    Do you need photo quality image reproduction? 


    If not, use the premium product line. Choose the white paper option which is coated, 60#, acid-free. There will be no bleed through, even for highly saturated colors.

  • Excellent advice, and thanks!


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  • Which template should I use? Poetry book, illustration on left-hand page, poem on the right.I want it in both hard copy and electronic form.

    Thanks for any advice - I'm a novice!

    Hereward Kaye

  • Hi Hereward Kaye,


    I took Glenn (above)'s suggestion and just used the standard one for colour entries. The results were everything we could have wanted. Very high quality visuals, and the see-through factor is very low.


    All the best with your project.




  • We published with createspace 

    Frank Lloyd Wright: The Man Who Played With Blocks, A Short Illustrated Biography

    But we are unhappy with the print quality. The photos are flat, dull, and look as if they were printed in 1950.

    We want glossy or coated paper which printers tell me is only 2 cents per pound more expensive.

    Does Lulu offer:

    1. glossy?

    2. coated?

    3. digital printing?

    4. spot gloss?


    We have a NYC museum interested in ordering 1,000 copies. We cannot send them copies with bad printing. 

    Size: The book is 8.5 x 11

    Pages: 148

    Photographs: 101 (74 color, some full page and some double page spreads)

    Front and back covers: glossy

    Type: paperback


    Can Lulu offer us top quality printing on excellent glossy or coated paper?

    What would 1000 copies or 1200 copies cost?



  • Only in the Lulu Studio Wizard is such paper used. Photobooks, calendars, and such like, and you cannot really use a Studio Wizard to create a book as such.


    They do use Print On Demand digital printing (the same as Createspace and most other POD places) which is not cheap, but it allows for from one book to be printed. It is limiting though.


    No Lulu do not use glossy paper for 'normal' book projects. What you can do at Lulu is listed here >>


    The discount tool is also on that page. I assume Lulu still use POD even up to 1200.


    Glossy paper may not be that much more expensive, but do those who suggested that price own POD book making machines?

  • PS: I have just used the costing tool and for one book your book would cost to make a lot more than the price you have it on Amazon for. It would cost more even for 1200.



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