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blog to book

Hello all,


Happy to be back with Lulu. Published before here and its a great company.


I'm considering going the blog to book route. Getting the whole blog into a ready PDF file is no problem but I was wondering about a Table of Contents...


Does anyone have a suggestion as to how I can integrate this without copy and pasting all 300 posts into Word and creating one there which I'm not prepared to do at this stage.


I tried to Google's Blog2Print and they provide a nice Table of Contents as part of their package. However, the rest of it is way too basic and time consuming for images.


I have a blog not a in which case I'd use 'Anthologise'.


Or maybe this is a case of employing Lulu Services to create a table of contents as I can't see anyway around it as it stands.


Or... I could create a table of contents myself, create a PDF and then ask Lulu to integrate this with blog/book PDF? Would that work perhaps?


Many thanks in advance.






  • Em_PressEm_Press Professor

    I think your best bet is to copy and paste your content, assign and format Heading 1 and generate your own table of contents the way you like it.


    If you're going all the way, why not go all the way with no compromises? Have full control over your appearance and content.

     A citizen of the world.

  • Thanks Maggie, I hear you...


    But this is about a four volume book at about 2,500 pages. I've done the copy and past bit before with two other academic books and I simply can't face doing that work load again. It nearly drove me insane.


    Is it feasible that Lulu services could somehow integrate a separate table of contents with the main content PDF? Or is that not doable?

  • Strike that. Found software that will do it. Cheers!

  • potetjppotetjp Professor

    I have never found it difficut to create a table of contents. I use "cross-reference" in WordPerfect. I place the target after a word in the title of the chapter considered, go to the table of contect, mark the page reference, then click on "generate". I do this for every chapter. No big deal.

    How many chapters would your book have?

    For an index, I make a separate list of key terms. Making the list can be long. I mark "index"  at the end of the book, enter the list. file name, and click on "generate". WordPerfect generates the whole index in a minute..I then format the resulting index to 8pts and 4 columns with a 0.25cm separation. The result is quite professional.

  • You have to convert your PDF to word file and then follow the help instructions in your word processing software for creating a TOC to add to your book. It's actually quite easy. You just pick out of style, click on the title of the chapter and press the style that you want the chapter name go to. Then, choose the settings box that you used when selecting chapter names and press insert TOC in its appropiate spot...

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