I have two versions of one of my LULU books, one in English and one which has beeen translated into Russian. The urls, resepctively, are: and


Both are A5, with colour cover and black and white interior. Why is the Russian version, which has more pages, cheaper than the English one (£5.97 and £4.63)?


David M Pearce


  • Books are priced based on the binding, size, and number of pages.


    I had a look at the files used for both projects.

    The Russian version has 201 pages and the English version has 301 pages.


    I also noticed in the English version that the last page of the book is labeled as #149, but there are 301 pages in the file. It looks as if the book repeats itself beginning on page 150. Perhaps you revised the book, uploaded a new file and forgot to remove the previous file?


    This would account for the price difference between the books.

  • potetjppotetjp Professor

    The links are broken.

  • Thanks for your help. You were right - the old pdf had not been cancelled after the revision. Relief!

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