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My Proof Book is all Wrong

My proof book returned (AGAIN!!) all wrong.  The manuscript is typed with 1"  margins all around on 8x11, 12-Pitch Times New Roman Font.  When the proof copy returned, the header was 1 3/4" down from the top, and the print was 9-Pitch Times New Roman-and I'm guessing, but IT WASN'T 12-PITCH!!!  This is the FOURTH TIME my proof copy book returned to me like this.  Must I do a PDF manuscript, well, okay, no problem I will.  But, even when I did it on proof copy number 3, it still printed in small print.  Is this an option--that I just put the entire 144 pages in 14-PITCH TIMES NEW ROMAN FONT and order another proof copy?  Do you think it will help?  I'm open to ANY AND ALL suggestions.  I was soooo-oooo disappointed the third time it came back wrong that it took me almost six months before I ventured back on my laptop to try to straighten this problem out and my hair just grew back (LOL) so, please, help me.  Thank you.


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