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How did he do that?

I've just been wandering around, clicking here and there, reading this and that. I was surprised, to say the least, to find that this weeks No.1 choice,  (251 on the Lulu sales rating list) 'Living in life's Evening' by Martin Girard, was published on February 4th 2015. There are two possible explanations for this. Either:

1. He's sold a riduclous number of copies in a very short space of time in a rather limited subject area. Or:

2. He's had this book here for a while (maybe years) and had just done a content review.


I wish I could ask Martin what his marketing plan is, or ask him what I'm doing wrong...


Of course I'm happy for him, but it got me wondering what are the average sales figures for books, here. Is there a big difference when you distribute through globalreach etc.?

How much of a mark up is really marketable?


You know, the usual insecure writer's worries...  




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