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Can not fix conversion error

When I upload a doc or rtf file of a new book (for an ebook) I get and error that says I have a text box in the document. I removed all of these, but still get the error. Maybe there is a hidden text box somewhere. How do I find it? I tried the "make new text box and tab to next" method, but still don't find any. Suggestions please.


  • For starters,  make sure you have no table of contents.


    Then use your mouse to select all the text, page by page. Even the invisible text boxes will appear. They may be as small as a dot.


    Make sure to remove all your page numbers and any content in headers and footers.



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  • Thanks. I tried what you suggested. I found nothing. I have no TOC. I have no headers or footers or page numbers. I even deleted photographs in case a text box might be hidding under, but nothing.  Could a text box be hiding outside of the page? How can I check that?

  • Do you have images? They may all be placed inside text boxes.


    Drag the image to shrink it, cut it out of the page, shrink the text box and click delete. Repaste your image in the appropriate spot.


    Keep looking. If the system says you have text boxes, you do.

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  • Upload your Word file here if you can, then delete it after I have a look.

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  • Hello JOReinhardt

    Make sure you check the headers and footers. Sometimes page numbers are inserted using text boxes.

  • Take the original text and remove headers and footers if you have, then follow the

  • Thanks, Maggie, but I can not find where you mean to upload it to. So I tried to attach it here, but it will not let me. Good grief!


    Also, off topic - I find it REALLY hard to get back to the forums and my posts to check messages and replies. Is there an easy way?

  • Hello JORienhardt

    You can go to My Settings and set notifications to email you when someone responds to a thread in which you participate.


    Go to My Settings > Subscriptions & Notifications > Automatically subscribe me to all topics or reviews I participate in


    Alternately, you can click on the Options drop down for the specific thread and choose Subscribe. You will then receive an email whenever anyone responds to your post.  

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