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Why did not I receive my Revenue 800$

I achieved a profit of $ 800


Why did not convert to PayPal


look image 





I'll wait for a reply thank you ،،،





  • DysonLogosDysonLogos Bibliophile

    The forums are where the users of Lulu communicate mostly - for things like this it's usually best to go through Support instead.

    For many people who don't see revenue for sales on their first month of sales (especially for major revenue) is because they have been linked to credit card fraud or to other forms of fraud (this seems particularly common if they also post using the same user name to credit card fraud message boards where people exchange stolen credit card information).

  • This person registered on the first of this month. Don't see how they would have gotten any books published this soon. If they did then they wouldn't be getting paid until next month right?

  • Hello Abdoforda

    Payment times can be confusing for new authors.


    Payment date indicates the end of the payment period. All revenue earned up to Jan 30 will be paid in February - usually around the 17th of the month for established authors and around the end of the month for newly registered authors.


    Have a look at this tutorial for more information about payments and how to use the Sales and Revenue pages.


    Sales and Revenue Tutorial

  • I had a few sales in December and January. I completed all appropriate paperwork to get paid. I still have received nothing. So, I filled out a support ticket and have a number. I have yet to hear from them.

    I am not linked to any scam. Been on site since November. So, where is my money?

    Makes me want to stay away from Lulu for release of second novel.
  • Hello @RGayle 

    I see the support case you submitted Saturday morning.


    As you may know, our support team works M-F from 8-5 Eastern US time. I am confident someone will investigate and provide answers for you shortly.


    Thank you, again for your patience.



  • Thank you. I feel a lot better that someone from Lulu is telling me. It brings more of a connection to the issue.
  • Hello @RGayle 

    I just spoke to the support team member investigating your case. He has found the problem and will email you shortly on what needs to be done. (hint: check the email address you entered for your PayPal account)



  • hello : Community ModeratorGlenn_Lulu


    Will be converted if the revenues collected in the month of January in the month of February  ?

  • Your account is being investigating for fraud. 

  • Pretty clearly fraud. Pretty sad if all those books were printed and shipped. Or maybe its just 10 books at $100 profit.

    a) He does not speak English well.

    b) Doesn't use support channels to keep his finances private.

    c) Doesn't defend himself here

    d) Just registered and made $800 ie. 80-160 books

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