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Greetings Every1!   Sure am glad to be in this position of ALMOST publishing but pretty frustrated with learning about proper formating.


My goal is an epub conversion from a MsWord2007 Docx.    So far I've followed the Lulu directions for getting my document ready (turning off autocheck....etc).  

I seem to be hung up on my direct formatting of the chapters and title page.  I have a specialized font (JFWildwood) I wanted to use for the title page.    

That being said, I am willing to change to stylized formatting which is what Lulu seems to want in order to identify chapters.  I'm just not sure how to do this and maintain the specialized font on the title page.  This is where I'm confused.  


Do they want me to do specialized headers for every chapter beginning so they can recognize it????  

Is there a way to have H1 reflect the my JFwildwood font? (Figured this one out---There's an update button...right click on heading 1 once you have selected the Title or Chapter Heading).  


My plan now is to assign all the Chapter headings where they are with Heading2.  I have epigraphs (from two lines to a paragraph) just before Chapter Headings.  Is this anything I should worry about including in H2?


I will continue to search through the forums but any help is appreciated.




    You cannot use that font. There are restrictions in epub font use. Try Times Roman.


    Assign a unique style to your epigraphs. They will not be included in the toc.

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  • You could insert an image of your stylized title - that way the styling will be preserved.


    Keep in mind that the person reading your eBook will choose the font and font size they like best, so don't get too attached to specific fonts when formatting an eBook.


    You can create an epigraph style in Microsoft word and apply it to the text.

    Also, some eReaders will insert a page break before Heading 2 style. You may want ot consider moving the epigraph below the Chapter heading to keep it with the chapter text.


    Let us know if you have any other questions. We are here to help.

  • Thanks for the great info.   I'm starting to get it thanks to the information in this forum.  Smiley Happy


    I'm not tied to that font for the title of the ebook only for the susbsequent print book.


    I was also thinking of moving the epigraphs to after the chapter titles.   My latest upload indicated my problem could be application of my Headings.  Right now they're;

    H1..Title (Just the Title, not the subtitle?)

    H2...Chapter Titles


    Given that the epigraphs come before the Chpt Titles, this might be causing part of the problem.   I will move the epigraphs to after Chapter titles avoid disconinuity.

    I know I have to refine my heading assignments but this is my start.   Does all the font w/in a particular heading have to be the same size?    

  • One of the cardinal rules for heading styles in eBook conversion is that you cannot skip from Heading 1 to Heading 3. Other than that, it looks as if you are well on your way.

  • Thanks!   After moving epigraphs, I passed inspection.  Now, on to Marketing Image...

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