Retired project still available through Amazon. HELP!

I retired all my Lulu projects, all published. I understood this to mean that it would no longer be available for print at all other retail sites. However, while it is searchable on several smaller sites, it's listed as out of stock/unavailable or weirdly has one ridiculously priced copy on offer (no idea why, one of them was only published so that I, along with close friends could have a copy, none of them have sold it to a third ???).


Anyhoo, I digress because I have no problem with that. My issue is that not only is it listed on but it's listed as available for print. I decided to test it by adding it to my cart (at the price I had specified when publishing) and going through the motions of buying it, short of actually proceeding with the sale. It's listed on Amazon's UK site but says unavailable so I'm baffled and pretty annoyed that it's still available for purchase on when I retired it months ago.


-Has this happened to anyone else? I've contacted Lulu twice over the last month, got an automated message promising to get back to me ASAP but of course, nothing so I'm resorting to the forum.


-Is there anything I can do? -besides contacting Lulu (AGAIN!) because they're typically unresponsive.


- I know that, supposedly, deleting my Lulu account deletes my projects and automatically sends out a message to retailers to stop listing my book BUT I don't entirely trust this process or Lulu's ability (and desire) to make this happen. I fear that deleting my account will cause me to lose the very little control I have over what happens to my projects. Does anyone know more about taking this step and what it entails in terms of intellectual property/if Lulu actually removes projects from their system/sends that message to retailers etc...? Not a fan of the vague jargen I've seen on the subject so far. 




  • If you have a book with an ISBN it will remain listed on Amazon for ever.


    Since it is shown as unavailable on the UK site it seems that Lulu has done the necessary to withdraw it.


    I'm not 100% clear how the Lulu/Amazon link is handled but it may be that the book is registered with one Amazon site and the others go through the original site  to initiate an order; perhaps that prime site is the UK one?.


    It also seems that if a book sells well that Amazon print some extra copies os they can fulfil their 'next day' PRIME delivery promise.


    shame you didn't give title/author name so we could have a look for ourselves.


    Frustrating for you, but I don't think there's more than you can do. You've retired it.



  • Hello jh87

    Even though you have retired your title, it is possible that your print book's information (title, author name, description) will continue to be listed on a retailer's site as out of print or unavailable.

  usually retains the original, publicly available information associated with your book's ISBN in the event that a previously purchased copy of your book is offered for resale in the future. For this reason, It is unlikely that Amazon will completely remove the listing for your retired project, however you may contact them directly to request the complete removal of your metadata from their site.

  • As Glenn says, on Amazon etc., there are also people selling used copies and some retailers even pretending they have POD books in stock, and on Amazon's pages you will see not just alternative ways of buying a book (print, Kindle) but also a list of who else is selling it.

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