Revising an ebook after it has been changed into EPUB and processed by Lulu

How do I revise some formatting errors in an ebook that has been accepted by Lulu ? 
I purchased service to get it changed into EPUB, but have still found some formatting errors. 




  • Did you use the $99 Lulu service?


    If you did, I suggest you submit a support case and someone from the services team will get in touch with you.

  • Thanks I'll try that. A support case just means I contact the lulu support again  and tell them the problem, right?

  • That's correct!

  • I got the $150 service for creating a book and an eBook. Whose responsibility is it to fix formatting problems that was created by the support staff?. The case seems closed and the eBook was sent to the different publishers for review before I had a chance to review the corrections. I am trying to correct the mistakes myself with some advice from support , but am having problems. 

  • You should continue working with the support team.

    What type of formatting problem are you trying to fix?

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