Trying to get back into this...

I actually have several problems. I lost a lot of work in moves. Trying to downsize with no help. Trying to function again recovering from a brain tumor with no help. Lost in Dallas with no help. I have products listed but their overpriced. I don't use Facebook and don't use Twitter. I have "Steve's Store" but nothing is listed even though I just published a gazetteer. I'm disabled and on a fixed income living in a rotten place. Can you folks get my LULU in order. I've tried and tried to deal with you folks and all I get are e-mails with links. I'm disadvantaged. I need answers in plain English.


I priced my last product at a 1.64 mark-up. Smiley Frustrated


Email me please [email protected]


  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius

    Which folks?  Lulu will only do it if you pay them.


    Facebook is free to use as is Twitter.


    Did you set your gazetteer to General?


    The help Lulu provide is all on line, hence the links.   Lulu is a business, so unfortunately they will only do it all for you if you pay them, otherwise it's all DIY.


    And no offence, but many other self-publishers are also in the same boat, but if you wish to look at your Projects and then tell us what problems you are having perhaps this user to user forum can help.



  • How do I reduce the prices on my existing products? My latest gazetteers are $5. My existing gaz is $24 and change before my life went down the tubes. There are other overprice products. I'm stuck with DIY because of my circumstances. My old gaz is "Beldany" my new ones are "Bresium," "Golanda" and the "Villtur Sveldt."


    My "Steve's Store" should by "Polyhedron Games LLC." And I don't know how to access the cover gallery. I'm recovering from a severe setback and I need help in plain English. I've downloaded the manuals but it's all about learning all over again. I'm not young any more but I'm trying to make the best of things.


    The gazetters are in General.


    Unfortunately, I have trouble learning now (didn't before) and I have this stuff written so I'd like to get it out before I die.

  • potetjppotetjp Professor

    gstevew a écrit :

    I have products listed but their overpriced.


    If you want to sell your books at a lower price, go to "My Projects" and enter each book profile separately. For each book you can change the price down to the cost price, but not below.

    I wish you a quick recovery.


  • My stuff is too old. I spent 4 months in the hospital and 9 months moving (long story). All my info on LULU disappeared. If I have to start over, so be it. Story of my miserable life right now.
  • Hello gstevew

    So sorry to hear about your difficult times.


    I had a look at your projects. Unfortunately, the ones I looked at do not include enough pages to be printed under our standard product line. A 6x9 perfect bound 48 page book in our standard line runs $1.48.


    Perhaps you could reformat the gazettes for that format with one article per page to meet the 48 page minimum. Or you could convert them to PDF or EPUB format and offer them for any price above $0.99.


    To change the name of your Spotlight page follow these directions:

    1. Log into your account.
    2. Go to My Projects > My Author Spotlight.
    3. Click Headline in the blue box at the top of the page.
    4. Enter your text in the box and click Save Changes to finish.


  • I had stuff that could be printed as one page accoriding to the guidelines. Most of the gaz's are 20 to 30 pages. I'll try to follow your instructions, but my life is a mess and so is my online presence.

  • I've got help from the experts for some of this but how do I reduce prices for products no longer in my projects list? Or how do I delete them and start over? Smiley Sad

  • potetjppotetjp Professor

    gstevew a écrit :

    I've got help from the experts for some of this but how do I reduce prices for products no longer in my projects list? Or how do I delete them and start over? Smiley Sad

    If your booklets are no longer stored by Lulu, create a new project  that would contain all your gazetteers in a single volume.

  • When I looked at your project list, there were many projects in Draft format.


    • You can delete draft projects by clicking on the Delete link next to the project.
    • If you wish to edit a published project, click the Revise link next to the project, which will open the publishing wizard allowing you to make changes.
    • Changes to files are made on your computer and uploaded in the revised project. Make sure to remove the old file when you upload the revised file.
  • All of my projects are new but I have old stuff here that is still viable but overpriced. I copied a list and some of is current projects and some of was old stuff. This is a damned hard site for me to use now but I'm tring to do the best I can. I need to get more reasonable prices. Five dollars is typical.


    And the cover gallery? How do I get to it? Fun playing w/ this but remember I'm disadvataged. Can't think straight, typing is a chore (bent finger), so I'll take all the help I can get!




  • Guess I'll die in this rotten place. Man Sad

  • How much to fix my stuff? Get the prices right, get the images right, get the "shop" in order? I'm trying to do everything by myself and my life is a mess, my place is a mess, I'm a mess.


    I built 5 websites but now I can't seem to effectively navigate websites.

  • I'm still trying to learn how to do things around here. I figured I'd purchase my overpriced stock and relist them (I can't find all the file on this miserable machine). Is there an author's coupon that I can use for the purchases? I really don't like dinkin' around with this site without knowing what I'm doing.


    Hate doin' stuff over again. Too old and broken for it.

  • I need  to get my prices in line. I'm workin' my **bleep** off here mostly to the exclusion of anything else (I live, if you can call it living, a very unbalanced life). Please tell me how to get my old files off the site so I can start them as new projects.

  • I just wrote down my catalog. If I enter them as new projects will the old products be overwritten?

  • Everthing is the hard way for me. Smiley Sad

  • generating preview...

    getting older and older
  • Well that was an exercise in futility. Started a replacement project, looked at my catalog, the replacement wasn't there just the overpriced item.

  • It showed up, so now I have two products, one overpriced and one reasonable. How do I delete the overpriced item?

  • I know you people are probably tired of me but I really am trying to learn, it's just very difficult for me. I just added more product but I'd like to get my questions answered. I'm no whiz at a computer any more but this was my work before disaster befell me and even though I'm a defenseless gimp I'm trying to carry on.


    So I've posed some questions, If y'all be so kind to give them a ponder, I'd appreciate it (my Dad was from the South, I'm Cali by birth but my son plopped my here and the food stinks and I'm pretty well lost in Dallas but I'm stuck).

  • This site is a PITA to use. What's with having to sign in everytime I turn around? I'm not having any fun just trying to make things work and working all the time but I got to get this stuff out.

  • Still workin' on this. Suggestion: Show a preview of fonts. I feel like I'm wastin' time but...
  • I'm a writer. I'm not a marketer, I'm not an artist, I'm not a layout guy and I'm pretty much broke (and broken) but I'm using your services even though I'm trying to do it all. I have a crew but I'm dying and I want to get this stuff out.


    I keep SCREAMING for help but no dice.

  • Oh well. Too damned slow. I need help and you guys aren't giving me any. I don't watch TV. I write, I game and I futz around sites like this. I'll be back, it's not that I have any else to do except try to stay alive while I'm futzing around! Smiley Indifferent

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