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My account is not being paid. how do I get my account up tp date?


[email protected]  My account.


  • Click on Payment Contacts - on left under My Projects - and revise your information if it has changed. You can also click on Payment to see if any payment is due to you.


    Take into account also that if you are being paid by check, you need to have earned at least $20, if paid by Paypal, minimun $5. Plus, payment dates vary depending on whether you are a new or old Lulu user.



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  • I was registered in October 2014.
    I use the PAYPAL payment.
    But until now, I still do not get paid.
  • Total Unpaid Revenue
    I need to know, where I set up wrong?
  • My settings are in accordance to your FAQ.
    I think I did not set error.
  • Raise a ticket tp contact Lulu Support. They will look into your specific case and make sure you get paid.

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  • Hello anlucave


    Your account was frozen on suspicion of fraudulent activity.

    If you feel this is incorrect, please contact our accounting team. They will be happy to provide additional details.


    Here is a link to the Creator Revenue and Royalties support category. Click the I Still Need Help button to create the support request.

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