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Initial Word formatting

I am quite familiar with Word (I use MS Word 2008 for Mac), and I have more than enough material for a book. I'm afraid to do a lot of document preparation until I am sure of the exact requirements for Document dimensions in Word, because I have graphic images in my document and changing the margins can mess up the graphic placement. I decided that I want to make the Premium paperback 8.5 X 11" perfect bound. I downloaded the template zip file and looked at the materials. But here is my problem. The two Word templates that came with this download have different margins set. The one with the file 8.5X11_Template.docx specifies Top and Bottom .75", Inside and Outside .5", Gutter .3, and Header and Footer.6". The 8.5X11_Style_Guide.docx specifies Top and Bottom .7", Inside and Outside 1", Gutter .3, and Header and Footer.6". I don't know which one to follow. What I would like to do is just to use my existing Word document, set up with my preferred Styles, and set the margins in that document. Is there some just printed list of required margin settings? I haven't found one yet. Also, since I am using a one column layout, I don't know what the gutter setting is for. And just for completeness, if I can just use my own document and set it up according to lulu specifications, is there any list of requirements beyond the margin settings? (I see the suggested Fonts already, and will deal with that question and with graphics inclusion in another post, if necessary.) Also, I prefer unjustified right margins.

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