Give Yourself an Ego Boost

I was giving myself an end of year treat and buying loads of ebook on Kindle. I searched for topics which interested me and even went beyond the first page if there were many pages of search results even though Kindle does not make this easy. You have to go through the pages sequentially and can't, for example, jump to the last page or view every tenth page.


Anyway, I discovered that there are loads and loads of ebooks which have never made a single sale. Some of were of questionable quality but others looked really professional. If your book has yet to make a sale, take heart. It might not be that your book is poor but that you need to draw attention to it. Or it might be the case that you have made a few sales but wish you could make more.


Either way, give yourself an ego boost as 2014 ends. If you have yet to make a sale you are in very good company. If you wish you could sell more than you do things could be worse; at least you are selling. Sometime is seems like a miracle that anyone manages to find our books when there are millions for sale.


Wishing you all the best for 2015. May it be the year you achieve what you want with your writing.


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