How to update your calendars

There are many outdated calendars in the Lulu bookstore, possibly because people don't realize they can easily update the dates without having to upload all the pictures again. Did you create a calendar on Lulu in the past and want to update it for the coming year? It's easy! Here's how to do that:

  1. Go to your "My Lulu" list of projects and click "revise" for the calendar you want to update.
  2. Click "Create new revision" on the next page
  3. It may take a little while before the next step happens, so be patient; you should see a window where you can "Launch the Lulu Studio" - click on that 
  4. Once you have your calender revision project open in Lulu Studio, the number of things to do depends on how many times your calendar refers to the old year. These do not necessarily have to be done in order.
    - Change the dates: For all calendars, you have to click on the "Range" symbol (to the right of "Events") and change the date range to the new year
    - Change the title: For calenders that have the old year listed in the title on their Lulu product page, click on "File" (top left), then open "Edit title and author(s)" to enter your new title with the new year and (if wanted) author name, then "save"
    - Change the title page: For calenders that have the old year written on the front page of the calendar, edit the text on that page (if you did this with an image processing program outside of Lulu, you may have to do it there and then upload the new title picture to replace the old one)
    - Change events: If you have events that were year-specific (e.g. "Grandma's 80th Birthday"), don't forget to change those as well
  5. Once you're done with updating everything, click on "Preview & Finish" and run through the process of creating a new print-ready file and publishing your calendar. If you have a reference to the old year in the product description, remember to update that as well.

A couple of observations/cautions:

If you abort the process after opening Lulu Studio, your project list will show two projects: the old calendar and the open revision. To proceed with making changes, open the revision. Once you're done with publishing it, the new revision will replace the old project and you will again only see one project for the calendar (the currently active publication). There is unfortunately no way to copy projects to keep the old alongside the new version.

If you forgot or made a mistake changing the project title, you will have to run through the entire process of opening Lulu Studio, changing it, creating a new print-ready file and republishing and all that, even if there are no changes to your print-ready file. I wished there was an easier way, but that's apparently the only way you can change the project title for Studio products. However, the project description can be revised without opening Lulu Studio, so that's quicker and easier to do.

Revised calendars may at first appear as if they don't have a preview, but it is there if the old version had one. It just takes a few minutes to appear. So be patient and give it time! If after, say, 10 minutes you still don't see a preview on the product page, go to "revise" and create a preview. (You don't have to launch Lulu Studio for this.)

If you had any Facebook "likes" or ratings/reviews on your old calendar, they will be lost and won't appear on the product page of the new revision. However, if your calendar appeared in a "spotlight" position in the Lulu bookstore calendar section (and I assume as a "staff pick" as well), the revised calendar will still do so. (Thanks Lulu!)


  • I read through all that, but don't see where switching the image-order/update is adressed.

    I want to change the picture-pages aslso....


    Thanks. Bob

  • That's good advice, but would it not be better to also change the content? Photos, text, etc. In otherwords, just create a New Project. I doubt people buy the same calendars every year.  Smiley Happy


    What should have been said that if you create a calendar, make sure it's deleted at the end of each year. No one seems to bother. It's a shame Lulu's software cannot do it. 

  • I would like to make a second calendar based on the first one that would contain a few different images, but not supercede the original calendar. I am able to do this with out starting from the very beggining?

  • No. You would have to start over because it's not the same one. But if you are wanting to change this year's to next year's (2014 one no longer being of use) then follow the OP in this thread.

  • how to update the calendars

  • I can understand the way to update calendars easy, but I highly regret writing down "2010 Calendar" on the bottom of it. The cover is important because it has all the images of my paintings with the titles and dates added. The image was made with my old computer which I am not sure if I can find anymore. This is very frustrating because Lulu gives such limited editing options. I wish I could upload my image on my desktop and edit it, but Lulu will not let me do that either. ANYTHING Lulu can offer to help me get rid of the writing "2010" at the bottom would help. Otherwise this calendar's been stuck in the revision mode for the past few years.

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