List of Book Awards Open to Self Publishers


(Glenn, you inspired me with your Award post.)


List of Book Awards Open to Self Publishers


  1. Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award
  2. Anderbo Self-Published Book Award
  3. Axiom Business Book Awards
  4. Beach Book Festival
  5. Beverly Hills Book Awards
  6. Book Designer – Monthly eBook Cover Design Award
  7. Book Festivals is a way of entering several competitions at the same time
  8. Bookstore Without Borders’ LYRA Contest
  9. CIPA EVVY Awards
  10. Digital Book Awards
  11. eLit Book Awards
  12. Emerging Author Award
  13. Emerging Raconteur In Kidlit Award
  14. EPIC eBook Competition
  15. Eric Hoffer Award
  16. First Page Competition 2014
  17. ForeWord Reviews – the Book of the Year Awards
  18. Georgia Author of the Year
  19. Global eBook Awards
  20. Green Book Festival
  21. Guardian Legend Self-published book of the month
  22. Harry Bowling Prize for Flash Fiction
  23. Harry Bowling Prize for New Writing (bi-annual)
  24. Historical Novel Society International Award
  25. Hollywood Book Festival
  26. IACP Cookbook Awards
  27. Independent Book Publishers Association – Benjamin Franklin Awards
  28. IndieReader Discovery Awards
  29. International Book Awards
  30. International Rubery Book Award
  31. IPPY Awards
  32. Kindle Book Review’s 2014 Kindle Book Awards
  33. Kirkus Indie Best of List 2014
  34. Living Now Book Awards
  35. London Book Festival
  36. Mom’s Choice Awards
  37. Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards
  38. National Indie Excellence Book Awards
  39. National Literacy Trust Children’s Author Prize
  40. Nautilus Book Awards
  41. New England Book Festival
  42. New York Book Festival
  43. Next Big Author Opening Chapter
  44. Next Generation Indie Book Awards
  45. Paris Book Festival
  46. Reader Views Literary Awards (Multiple awards)
  47. Readers Favourite Contest
  48. San Francisco Book Festival
  49. Shelf Unbound Writing Competition for Best Self-Published Book
  50. Shirley You Jest Awards
  51. The Beach Book Festival
  52. The Book Designer – Monthly eBook Cover Design Award
  53. The Eric Hoffer Award
  54. The Feathered Quill Book Awards
  55. The Living Now Book Awards
  56. The Wishing Shelf Book Awards
  57. UK Arts Council Funded: YouWriteOn Book of the Year Awards
  58. USA “Best Books” Awards
  59. Wishing Shelf Independent Book Awards [UK]
  60. Writer’s Digest – Self-Published Book Awards


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  • Now, my question would be, how do you become eligible for those awards?  Is it only by registering and paying to the link that Glenn posted?

  • The link I posted was for a single award. The list Maggie posted includes other awards self-published authors can submit their books to for consideration. While I am not an expert on book awards and how they work, I do believe that most, if not all, require an entrance fee and copies of the book or eBook.


    Over the past few years, several Lulu authors have won awards for cookbooks, education, and fiction. Perhaps one of them will share their experience.

  • I've entered a few awards, although only two have been announced so far.


    But yes, they pretty much all have an entrance fee, which varies from one to the other. The prizes also differ wildly.

  • Thanks for the replies.  I'll have to take a look into some of these.  I wasn't even aware this was something to do.

  • This reminds me... Back in 1959/60 a friend of my older brother's sent one of my first ever poems in to THE ANNUAL ANTHOLOGY of AMERICAN COLLEGE POETRY. Of course I received a letter informing me that, it was going to be published in the next edition, and I could get a copy by sending in "X" amount of dollars for the book. I had wrote the poem when I was a Junior in H.S. My Mother bought the book, and I was cautiously enthused.

    Anyone knowing you have to pay to see your work published has that reserved sense of knowing it ain't good enough, at the least, to make money.


    I was actively pursuing an athletic scholarship. I did not want to share my "poetry" with anyone, except perhaps, a girl-friend.

    I didn't even want my English teacher to know. He was a succesful and published writer. He exposed us to poetry. However, after graduation and having a few people say they really liked my poems, I shared them with him. He cried and asked me why I didn't share my desire to write with him earlier. It was the contrast of knowing he was a man's man, a war hero and still had a metal plate in his skull from being wounded in combat. This little bit of opening up and understanding his concern encouraged me to write more.

    Still, I never write unless I am inspired, and sometimes, most of the times, it never happens. When it does happen it comes out with an honest emotional expression of good, bad or indifferent. The inspiration is the easy part. The hard work of re-writing is what serves only to frustrate and worry me in that, I wonder if I am going to lose the jist of the inspiration's emotional ties to suite some acceptable format.


    I guess, I'll never be able to accept that my writing is not good. I have had so many compliments from strangers. I can remain delusional. On the other hand of being quite the pessimistic, sometimes withdrawn, introvert with absolutely no confidence. I very seldom, deep down, ever believe those compliments.


    Thank you for this area to express...  heron9

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