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'Permanently retired

Dear All,
I have just logged on after a lengthly hiatus to check out my project with a view to adding finishing touches before publication. I note with some concern that it has been 'permanently retired'. How can this be 'unretired'?

I have tried click on your project in the 'retired' section and scrolling down to the Availability/Project Status with a view to finding a link to 'unretire' -- no go.


  • potetjppotetjp Professor

    Obviously you've got to start a new project with your book. No big deal.

  • What is the message you get? Does it say: "This project has been permanently retired. The files used to create it can be accessed from the My Files page." If that's the case, then it was probably using one of the formats that were discontinued a while ago. (See here.) You may be able to recover your files and use them in a new project.

  • Yes, those are the exact words.

  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius

    Possibly you can find the files you used to create the Project in your My Files, but they will no longer match the old book size, but if you do not have the old files on your PC you should be able to download them from My Files and adjust them to upload to a New Project,

  • Lulu updated our content retention policy in November 2012 and automated it's enforcement in January 2013.

    The content retention policy states that Private content will be permanently retired 6 months after publication or the last purchase date, whichever is longer. At this time, we are enforcing a 12 month period since the last purchase before content is actually retired.

    Content retired under the content retention policy cannot be unretired. If you wish to continue working on the project, please update the manuscripts you previously saved on your computer. You can then quickly recreate and publish a new project.

    People often ask why we adopted this policy. In order to continue providing free tools, we must be able to control costs. File storage for 1.6 million books and their revisions (about 15 terabytes of data), many of which were one-time purchases by the author or have never published or sold, costs hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in hardware and file storage costs.


    We apologize for the inconvenience.

  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius

    Do you give people advanced warning at all?

  • In the past we have not as most of these are abandoned projects. The September release includes both multiple email notifications and flagging of projects that are soon to be permanently retired.

  • potetjppotetjp Professor

    Perhaps Lulu could offer authors to pay a fee to keep their private books and others unretired after "maturation", although a quick reckoning makes me realize that buying two copies a year would be an inexpensive solution.

  • When looking for my own retired projects (as I knew I had one in the old formats, which was automatically retired) I noticed a huge number of "permanently retired" projects from instances where I had opened Lulu Studio just to check or test something and subsequently deleted the draft project from my list again - or so I thought. None of these were ever published or even had any files uploaded to them. Often I just started a Studio session to check on a workflow to answer a question in the forum. I've gone through and deleted them all now (I think), but it seems when I previously deleted them it merely retired them. Is that normal? The dialog you get when deleting such a project suggests that it is indeed deleted, not retired, so I was surprised to find four pages worth of "retired" Studio projects on my list when I checked.

  • Another option to avoid the purge is to set your Private projects to Direct Access.

  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius

    I recall when it was impossible to delete anything from My Files. Lulu said it was because they were in use in a Project, but with a lot of stuff that was not the case.

    But I discovered that all the images in My Files, including a lot of art (Lulu once allowed the sale of art via downloading) nothing to do with my books, had been sourced by some book readers' site Lulu once owned and were on display there. All of the images, not just book covers. Hence they were counted as 'being in use'.


    I think I also recall that when Lulu got rid of that other site it was then possible to delete the art. I opened another account and placed my art just on that instead. I later deleted that account. But I have no idea if that also deleted My Files for that account, under some international laws I think they have to be retained. There must have been, or still is, gigabytes of art on that account!


    What I wonder is what it costs to store stuff on servers? I think the Cloud now costs something like $9.99 a month for 1 terabyte to business users (1,000,000,000,000bytes    Smiley Very Happy  )

  • If LuLu don't see any revenue from creating their own tiered cloud service perhaps we should just download our LuLu files and store them ourselves. I now have my own cloud via a 2 Gig NAS on my own network, but I also use Google, Apple and Microsoft cloud services.
  • potetjppotetjp Professor

    Aidenobrien a écrit :
    I now have my own cloud via a 2 Gig NAS on my own network, but I also use Google, Apple and Microsoft cloud services.

    What do you mean? You bother to print your books processed by Lulu while Lulu can do it efficiently?

  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius

    If LuLu don't see any revenue from creating their own tiered cloud service


    You do know what the Cloud is, do you? In principle Lulu do have a Cloud because they are just servers where files can be stored, and Lulu store the files used to create our books in their servers, and store the ePubs in for people to download to read on whatever device they own, as often as they like.


    perhaps we should just download our LuLu files and store them ourselves.


    But that's where they originate from. I do in fact download my ePubs in case I need to mail them to someone, but I have no intention of using the PR PDFs to print my own books! If I had that intention I would not bother using Lulu at all.


    I now have my own cloud via a 2 Gig NAS on my own network, but I also use Google, Apple and Microsoft cloud services.


    And what has that got to do with POD and Lulu? Lulu's 'apps' are already on line.


    Personally I have no need of the Cloud. I have a very powerful PC, two in fact, with a huge memory and it's static, I don't wander around the planet needing to take what is on it with me. The Cloud is for doing that, using low powered laptops, tablets and Smartphones. The Cloud is not even new, it's just a new term for the Internet.


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