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My Projects were "retired" but I didn't do it. How do I get them back?

Yesterday I went to MY LULU expecting to see all of my projects and continue work on some that needed updating. To my shock, two thirds of my entire list was gone (about 20 titles). I discovered they were now in the "retired" category and permanently unavailable. However, I didn't retire them and I need those projects for my work. I am not sure if this was some computer glitch triggered on my computer (it does have its moments) or something done elsewhere, but I need these projects back. I was never informed of this massive "retirement" of so much of myu work, they've just dissappeared from the system. How can so many of my projects vaporize without warning or notice or even a friendly reminder that my years of work have been wiped out? Is there no safeguard to ensure this doesn't happen accidentally to an author without their knowledge or consent? Has anyone else experienced this recently or am I the only one?   


  • Em_PressEm_Press Professor

    Perhaps those sizes have been discontinued.


    Did you try unretiring them?

     A citizen of the world.

  • Hello Dr Mary

    Lulu updated our content retention policy in November 2012 and automated it's enforcement in January 2013.


    The content retention policy states that Private content will be permanently retired 6 months after publication or the last purchase date, whichever is longer. At this time, we are enforcing a 12 month period since the last purchase before content is actually retired.


    Content retired under the content retention policy cannot be unretired. If you wish to continue working on the project, please update the manuscripts you previously saved on your computer. You can quickly recreate and publish the new revisions.

  • This is a very annoying policy. I only order a bulk quantity of books about every year to year and a half to get the best pricing. Considering that I have ordered hundreds of copies of these titles, you would like Lulu would be able to spare just a little bit of space or at least give me the option to manually prevent retiring.

  • Hello info211

    There is a pretty simple way to cheat the system.


    Change your book's availability status from Private to Direct Access. The book will not be returned in bookstore searches and you won't have to worry about it being removed from the system. Or, better yet, set it to General Availability and perhaps get a few unexpected sales.


    In order for us to continue offering free publishing tools, we must find ways to do it economically. Not to get too technical, but when we first analyzed the content on your servers in 2013 (15 terabytes of data), there were over 2 terabytes of projects that had never been purchased - even by the author. By cleaning out these projects, we saved over $200K in annual data storage fees.



  • >>> we saved over $200K in annual data storage fees


    You're idiots if you paid $200k to store 2 terabytes of data as you claim.


    A 2TB hard drive costs less than $100 on Amazon 


    Deleting files without specifically emailing your clients first is criminal.


    I'll never do business with Lulu again - your whole company deserves to be permanently retired!




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