Has anybody from India got an ITIN number from IRS?

I am from India and I am supposed to pay 15% (and not 30%) tas as per the treaties. 


After a long confusion I applied for ITIN during early January 2014. I got a reply from IRS in March asking for more documents. Although I produced those documents I got a Notice CP567 from IRS stating that "we have rejected your ITIN application". I would request to share the following. 


  1. I tried to call IRS by phone. But they keep in call waiting for long time (more than 30 minutes). I could not reach them in phone although after spending a lot of money on international calls.
  2. IRS encourages to send original documents for verification. I had send my original Aadhar card and requested them to send it back. But unfortunately they did not send it back.

Has anybody from India got ITIN number from IRS? Is there any easy wasy to contact them like email?

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  • In America, "You cant Fight City Hall." Especially the IRS. If you expect to have any progress contact H&R Block. I'm sure you can find one that is convienient for you to locate on your own. The only other crmiminal debters that you can searve a prison sentence for is reserved for, "Dead Beat Dads!".

  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius

    I feel sure there should be no need for all of that. You just submit a specific form to Lulu declaring that you are not a US Citizen or even in the USA, and that should mean that no tax is withheld.





  • Hello Umakantm

    Several overseas authors have reported in applying for ITINs through the USA Embassy in their country. That way you do not have to send your Passport to the US Internal Revenue Service.


    You may also consider obtaining an ISBN from your country's agency. By applying your own ISBN, your books will be exempt from tax withholding.


    If that is not convenient, you should also keep in mind that only books with a LULU ISBN will have taxes withheld on sales made in the US store or orders delivered within the USA. Sales made in other country stores are not subject to tax withholding.

  • MachMach Chennai, INDIA Author

    Hi Glenn:

    In 2014 I applied for ITIN Number from IRS. They rejected my application. (Ref; Notice CP 567, January 15,

    Contact Phone: 1-800-908-9982, Contact Ref No: 202294-007-00410-5).


    They want me to send my passport or Driving License and it may not be possible for me to oblige.


    You have indicated to a few other authers from outside U.S to get ISBN from their respective country. Please let me know the procedure for this exercise, which i could do from India.


    Thanks & Regards,


    Manimekalai Chelliah

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