Publish Photobook without using wizard

Is it still possible to make a photobook WITHOUT using the Lulu Studio Photobook.

Unfortunately this wizard publisher tool is hard to customize. Being a designer myself I will rather upload a pdf for both book and cover.

But so far I don't see the option to do that. When I try to edit a photobook it goes directly to the Studio wizard.

Is any option to avoid this and upload a pdf?



  • You can make a photo book using your own PDF, but only in two sizes: Large landscape (12.75 x 10.75) or large square (12 x 12). All other photo book sizes exclusively use the Studio wizard.

  • Dear AnnKat,

    Brilliant-Many thanks, I shall now go ahead with  my project

    James L


  • Many thanks for the answers!

  • Hello AnnKat, I am now in the early stages of creating , via PDF, a 12x12 photobook and am wondering about the approximate jpeg sizes to paste into my 12 x12 pdf. I have in mind to use 1mb sizes for two on a page and wonder whether you have any comment? (Trial and error is a costly way to decide in this situation!)


    Kind regards from the UK


    James Leigh

  • Oops, sorry James for the late reply - I was away from the website for a while and didn't see your question. It's hard to recommend a jpeg file size as it depends on the detail in the image, the number of colors, and the level of compression. There can be quite a bit of variation even between images of the same pixel dimensions. I would estimate on average 2.5 mb to 3 mb in jpeg format for 100% quality at full size (12x12), so 1 mb for two images per page probably would probably work ok.

  • that's really too bad that Lulu is turning into a place for hobbyists. I need to make a 9x6 hardcover photobook and do not need to use the wizard.

  • that's really too bad that Lulu is turning into a place for hobbyists.


    Lulu has not changed since its conception. It's a place where people can self-publish their books. Some may see that as a hobby, others may see it as a free way, with free ISBNs, to get their self-published books on to Amazon and other major sites, hopefully to then sell 1000s. But Photobooks here cannot have an ISBN.


    I need to make a 9x6 hardcover photobook and do not need to use the wizard.


    You have no choice. Even if you pay Lulu to do it as a service (but I do not think they will create a photobook for you) Lulu staff also use the Wizards. They are then created to order from 1 to 1000s via POD. How else would you expect it to be done here? How do you think books get created apart from the use of publishing tools?


    Look at almost all places you can create a photobook at and it's done the same way as it is at Lulu.


    If you wish to just send your manuscript off to somewhere for some company to do all the work, that is possible, and will cost you many many $s.

  • It is not unreasonable for Designers, Artists, serious, even semi-pro Phototographers to want to have the print quality of Lulu's hard cover photo book, but the creative freedom to upload their own book designs. I was quite happy with the quality of the Large Landscape Photo book - but that format allow us to upload our designs, but my audience is better served with a smaller, less challenging format.


    The painfully stubborn unformattability of the Lulu Studio Title Page is particularly frustrating, and yes, does send many of us looking at other vendors.


    One of the huge attractions of Lulu is the print on demand ability, and not have to commit to a huge print run, and direct our audiences to the Lulu bookstore, instead of committing to a large print run up front.

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