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Cover Preview Super Dark and Saurated

I've emailed CS without a response and need an answer ASAP!

I've uploaded my one-piece cover and the preview image is almost black and oversaturated. The interior pages look perfectly fine.


What's going wrong?


Please help>lulucoverdark.jpg




  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius

    CS? Do you mean Createspace? This is Lulu ...

    What file type are you using?

    Have you done a test print on your own printer?

    Does it match what you see on your screen?

    BTW: The title. What is the book about apart from the obvious?


  • CS = Customer Support

    As Kevin mentions, have you printed the file on your home printer to see how the image looks on paper? Viewing something on screen and on paper can be a very different experience. This can be due to monitor screen settings, RGB (print) vs CMYK (electronic) color conversions, etc.

    If the print copy is also dark, you should lighten the image and reupload.

  • I've tried both JPEG and PDF. Same problem. Files perpared in PhotoShop CS5 on iMac OSX 10.9.2. The files print out perfectly fine on my Epson Artisan 1400 - 6 colors on 13 x 19" premium matte. The download for preview PDF appears perfect, as does the download PDF for the pages.


    The problem is the in-site image of the cover both for the ordering image and the 10-page in-site preview.


    So, my question is which image should I trust the PDF download previews, or the in-site images?

  • Here's an Illustration of what's going on:


    After the pages are loaded, I download a PDF preview...

    Pages Download dialog.tiff

    And this is what I get...

    Pages Preview PDF.png

    All good so far.


    Now, I go into the one-piece advanced cover designer. I upload either the JPEG or the PDF of the Cover and see this:

    Cover In-Site.png

    1) The contrast and saturation are pushed to extreme from original image.

    2)  Crop indications show that there will be no dark bars on top & bottom.


    I save and Continue...

    Review Project.png

    Now the covers are still are still messed up, but now they also have a dark bar added to top and bottom.


    I download the preview PDF...

    Cover PDF Preview.png

    The color is perfect on screen, but prints out slightly dark. The original JPEG & PDF print out just as they look on my screen (callibrated). This downloaded preview PDF prints just a little dark, but it's easy for me to tweak the original and get the printed preview to look fine.


    My main concern is that the in-site preview image has the extreme contract and saturation:

    Cart IMage.png

    As well as the dark bars. The bars were added per the specs given on Lulu. The hight without the bars is just over 12", but still the dark bars (for fold-over) are added top and bottom.


    Here's how the cover displays with the 10-Page preview:

    10-Page Preview Cover.png


    My question:

    "Do I trust the  Download PDF Preview Files or the cover image as it displays on the Lulu web site?


    This book is to fulfill a KickStarter rewards level for my first game "The Card Game of Oz" (now available at  Smiley Wink)


    The finished games are now shipping and these books need to get done, correctly. (My game publisheer was supposed to handle the book printing, but dumped it back in my lap at the very last minute.)




    Jim O'Connor

    Orion's Bell

  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius

    All I can suggest is you keep adjusting the gamma of the image/s on your PC until you are happy with what the PR PDF looks like.

  • The image as it displays in the print-ready cover file, is what will be printed on your book cover.

    The is not a true representation of your entire cover.

    The only absolute way to know how your cover will look when printed is to order the proof copy.

  • Exact same problem here, and I was hoping for a better response than "order a copy to check it out." Even assuming the actual book cover prints okay, I don't want the preview online to look like a murder mystery! Waiting for a response from Lulu...this is time sensitve.

  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius

    But that is how all book projects are judged. The final QC is to see what it looks like in print, not what it looks like on a PC screen, which may not even be calibrated to look 100% as it would in print.


    Previews are more or less the same on all on-line book outlets. It's the printed book that matters, and in fact it's the words that matter.

  • Is there a solution to over saturated book covers in preview (on the screen)? It's very important that the cover looks good online too.
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