KINDNESS14 - free shipping

i received an email saying i could get   " Free Mail Shipping or 50% off Ground Shipping. "


When i use the code and go to checkout i cannot seem to get free shipping.


What an i doing wrong




  • Are you using ALL CAPS. KINDNESS14. Working for me.
  • Often it works best of you can copy and paste it.

  • Just ordered a proof copy myself, applied the code, and it... well, it reduced the 1-2 day shipping option by 50%, but it defaulted to the cheapest option - and no matter how many times I revised the order, it kept doing the same thing - on the last step, it just selects the cheapest (and slowest) shipping, [Edit:] with no reduction.

    I inputted the code as KINDNESS14 exactly...

    But it has been any thing BUT kind! lol!

    Oh well, I was going to order it anyway, so it hasn't bothered me.

    Also, one of my orders has been stuck on 'fulfilling' for almost a week - I get the option to approve or deny the proof now, so, I guess the book must be on its way, despite this...

    Someone might want to double check that the server rats haven't died Smiley Wink


    Same thing happened to me. I applied the code KINDNESS22 and even though it said the shipping would be discounted when I checked out, it was not. I tried several times. I have contaced the admin team and am awaiting reply. I opted for the cheapest shipping.

  • Same thing happened to me too using code KINDNESS14 as advertised. 

    Wasted an hour trying to make the CODE work on the evening of 21.2.14. It looked like Lulu had disengaged the FREE SHIPPING on the cheapest mailing option and left the option of 50% OFF the more expensive 'tracked' option.





  • I'm from Chile - South America, on February 21 I bought the first 2 copies of my book using coupon KINDNESS14, then came an extension of the same coupon and tried to make another purchase but I said that is not valid, I thought it was because I had bought but friends tried to buy using the code KINDNESS14 but without good results .. I wonder why this happens .. I hope you understand me because my english es little =)

    Thank you.


    Concerning the KINDNESS14 code, I sent a query to Lulu about one week ago, but have still not recieved a reply. Still not sure why I had to pay shipping.

  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius

    One thing that is possibly forgotten is differing time zones.

  • where is my free shipping?

  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius

    Seeing as this thread is many months old I would expect that that offer is long gone.

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