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How can a small shop purchase a quantity of my book wholesale?

The owner of a small local shop wants to carry my book.   How does he contact lulu for wholesale purchase, what does he need to know, etc.  I would also like to know the information for myself so I can include all necessary forms, info, etc. in an email to send to other small shop owners.  Thank you for your time.  Sharon Wiebe


  • Basicaly he can't.

    He is like any other customer.

    If your book has an ISBN then there is a very small chance he could purchase through the channel.

    The best way is for you to buy at your own author cost and supply him and do so on a sale or return basis.

  • potetjppotetjp Professor

    Ken Anderson gave you the right solution. I do this with a store that sells my books, along with many others, at Bargemon, France. All you have to do is enter the bookstore's address for delivery as well as their phone number. You buy the copies at creator's price, and pay the bill. This began in May this year, so I'll have to wait some time to know how much I have earned from this operation. If it is worthwhile, I'll repeat it; otherwise I'll just discontinue it. 

  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius

    Indeed, but with an ISBN any shop should be able to order via the various lists that Lulu add the books to, and you will still get your money.

    Lulu's checkout will also discount for 'bulk'.

    However, it is possibly best if you set up the book as another Project under the Direct setting, and add a much lower profit, and give shops the Direct book's page address, because shops never pay retail prices.

  • potetjppotetjp Professor

    kevinlomas a écrit :

    Indeed, but with an ISBN any shop should be able to order via the various lists that Lulu add the books to, and you will still get your money.


    I doubt this holds true for most countries.

    At the present moment, there is an exhibition on the Philippines at the ethnological museum Musée du Quai Branly, Paris. I e-mailed their bookstore about my Lulu books on the Philippines in English and French. They said they couldn't distribute them because they were not entered in a database for French bookstores. They were not interested in my sending them some copies, etc. Man Frustrated
    They recalled they do sell a book I co-wrote with Maurice COYAUD (Contes et Nouvelles des Philippines) in 1986 because it is entered in their central data bank.
    To have my Lulu books entered in this French data bank, I'd need to create my own mini-company, and become a wholeseller of my own books, with all the paperwork that it implies, and the necessity to update every year because of the changes the succeeding French governments have been ceaselessly making since as far as I can remember. For instance there is a current project to limit such mini-companies to an existence of 3 years, so that the owner would have to create a new one every three years in order to survive. I am certainly not going to bother with such a typically French rigmarole. The gap between companies and politicians is such that it is hopeless to expect an improvement any time soon. In brief I gave up.
    Jean-Paul G. POTET


  • Isn't this what Ingram is for?

  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius

    Some places insist their buyers only buy via certain wholesale places, and if that place does not list or stock your book, then tough really! Smiley Frustrated

    However, what I said is the main purpose of an ISBN.

  • I think this is a really good solution. I will set up another project, discounted for wholesale, etc. Thank you. Excellent!
  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius

    Take note that as a New Project, with an ISBN, it will not give you the same ISBN.

  • Its been a while now, but what the other lulu'ers mean by the ever-so-cryptic word, "Channels", can mean having your book placed on Nielsen BookData (and other ISBN world-wide databases) - Mainstream booksellers, like Waterstones, require your book to be on Nielsen's before they decide to chuck it up on their systems.

    See Nielsen BookData, here:

    Lulu offers signing up your book, I believe, if you pay for the Extended/Global Reach option (whatever it is now) so it ends up on the databases to serve this purpose (give it 6-8 weeks).

    Also see this page - it describes how to get your book into Waterstones:

    Other shops will have a similar system in place, and ussually they require your books to be linked via the database, as mentioned above.


    Once there, the mainstream bookshops can order in copies of your book, though you have to contact them and fill out forms - the best people to see for this are the managers of the shops. Bear in mind, they don't support indipendant publishers/authors when it comes to ordering stock - you have to do this yourself - so be prepared to lug a box of your books into the store if you do a signing! Once they have all the details, the books will go through the tills, and then the payments go off to thier headoffice - then you get paid (paid-back, really)!

    Its been way over a year since I did my book signing at Waterstones (with great success - left inset), and while I cherish the experience, it is SO much hard work lugging your extra books with you - ontop of organizing the advertising and sending out flyers. Managed to sell over 20 copies (much to the surprise of the manager), though I'm now purely focusing on the eBook side of things, as millions more Kindles are being sold every year - and if you can give a book or two away to promote it on the web, your success will gradually grow.

    However - I highly recomend doing the hard work in getting your books into the shops - it leaves you feeling proud of your hard work, time, and energy that you spent in getting your books self-published.

    And, above all else, you're left feeling that you can dismantle any wall standing in front of you.

    So, get your **bleep** in gear, and get those books on the shelves. Smiley Happy


  • potetjppotetjp Professor

    Wow! I am so impressed by your success and your kids looking so happy and proud of their father. Congratulations. I'd skip the signing up, however, because of the bother.

  • Not my kids, a friend's lol Smiley Happy
  • potetjppotetjp Professor

    Doesn't matter. They fit well in the promotional picture.

  • I'm with Ken on this one.

  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius

    From his post of 2 years ago?  Smiley Very Happy

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