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Orders Error At lulu

I am an author at Lulu, everything seemed okay at the beginning and at last when people started to order my books, some of the orders did not appear on my Revenue Track.  I reach support but in vain, they came with all types of explanation trying to figure out their system here and there, and also that my buyers had a problem with their credit card so their payments failed.  But those buyers did received my books with email proving their books SHIPPED.  Since these people are my relatives i had the real proof they bought my books and they showed it to me.  But on my Tracking in VAIN, nothing appeared even after several chat with the support.  

If anyone can help me through this, i would be grateful!!!



  • Only Support can help you.

    You must treat it like any problem with any supplier.
    Gather all the documentary evidence together showing proof of purchase, delivery notes, credit card statements etc. You may need to ask your buyers to login into the Lulu account they used to buy the book and take screen snapshots of the transactions.
    Once you have gathered all the information in a verifable form then copy it all to Lulu.


  • It is a shame when  something goes wrong but Ken is right, complile or your evidence and present it to support and, beleive me, they will be supportive.


  • I am not saying they are not supportive, they are very supportive i do agree.  I have already forwarded them with Proof as the invoices, i have every single proof though.

    They are helping but this is not enough, it is already 2 weeks already this problem is being continued.  This is really of crucial importance to me and this is just the orders i know, and now what about those that i am not aware of ???

  • You just have to be patient.

    Remember as this is a peer-to-peer Forum we can't help you directly.

    I would say that in the many, many years I have been here I have never been aware of Lulu not paying all payments due to  an author. 

  • It is not that they are not paying, their system which in the problem, not the team or whatever.... Because they cannot track some of the purchases.  Actually i know i need to be patient but this is a crucial problem to me, to the company i don't know but for me this is really important.

    Kind Regards, 

  • I know Jeekshen, it is very important to you and, in a sense, important to all of us but there is not too much we can do on here. Ken is right in advising patience and you know that yourself but it is now a waiting game. Lulu will sort it out, I am sure just hang on. Hopefully when the company get it sorted, you will let us know.

  • Hi Jeekshen

    You do not provide any information as to where the purchases were made, i.e., Amazon, iBookstore, Barnes & Noble, etc. As I stated in a previous thread, sales made on retail sites are reported by those sites to Lulu once per month. We have no way of knowing when sales on other sites occur until we receive the sales numbers from those sites.

    When the monthly report arrives, your revenue report will be updated to reflect the sales from those sites. Sales made on are added to your revenue report once payment is received.

    I had a look at your account. There are two sales recorded on June 28 and July 2. Are these the sales you refer to in your post?

    This article may be of some use in answering your questions about sales and revenue reporting: Where's My Money?

    Best of luck for continued sales!

  • My books have been ordered on LULU itself, my buyers have registered on LULU and bought my books which has been shipped.  

  • Same thing happening to me. I'm worried that some of my orders are not reflecting and have been "forgotten" and not credited to me. It's concerning. 

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