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My name is Andy, and I am passionate about improving the user experience at Lulu.  We're undertaking many exciting, yet challenging, initiatives, and the only way to ensure we are building the right improvements is by reaching out to you, the customer.

I am beginning a new study on eBooks, and I'm hoping to get some help.  The more feedback we get, the more confident we can be that your needs are being met through our design.  

If you have published an eBook before, or have never published one but have an interest in doing so, please message me your contact information.  I'll contact you directly with just a few simple questions.

Thanks so much for your help and for being one of our remarkable members!


  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius
    why not just get the CEO of Lulu to buy Smashwords and combine the tools? :-)
  • Fix the upload page for ebooks, as I discussed on another post?

  • NO! Leave Smashwords alone! They're reliable and Lulu isn't!

  • Kevin, if I walked into our CEO's office and made that pitch, I think I might be shown the door Smiley Happy  Uncle Phil, thanks for your suggestion, and Marte, I'm sorry that your experience with Lulu was not up to the high standards we set to maintain.  Best of luck to you.

    To everyone that's messaged me, thank you, your reponses have been very helpful thus far.  I'm still looking to get more feedback, though, so if you have published an eBook before and are willing to help, please feel free to message me. 


  • Change your system to an opt-in system so that those of us whose books are already in eformat and available on the various retailers - (or don't hold erights to some of the books we publish) don't have to deal with LULU converting and placing books without authorization or even the rights to do so.
  • Oh god - please don't buy Smashwords - I like working with them - they know how to communicate with their authors and publishers and don't assume they have the right to do whatever they want with your work.

    They know how to notify of new distribution channels in a timely manner and give you a very easy option for either opting in (Sony) or opting out, before any of your books are shipped - unlike LULU who notifies you after they have converted and shipped without authorization.



  • Hi, My name is Kate and my email is [email protected] ( yes, I am young for an author, and yes, I am trying to publish a book, just so I can get feedback and become a better writer)
  • I am not doing this very professionaly, and I'm not trying to, so I just need people to tell me what they think I'm doing wrong and right.
    This is the link to my writing so far if anyone wants to help me, I'm not very far yet...
    Sorry if I seem a little incompetent compared to everyone else, but I suppose that's because I'm a little younger than most writers.
    Kate (6644276741)
    [email protected]
    Unprofessional writer
    (I don't have many other jobs)
  • It would be far better if you posted examples of your text in here, it would then mean we do not have to open a Google account to see it ...


    BTW. Do not put even your email address in to a forum, or any personal details, really.

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