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In my quest for world domination of book sales, I wanna get me one of them thar ITIN numbers. (Practising US American here. Hmm... that should be 'practicing', gol-durnit.)

I read this on the WebVivant post -

When you use exception 1(d), the IRS requires that you accompany the form with a letter, on headed paper, from the organisation that will be paying you the royalties, stipulating that you do, indeed, need an ITIN. I contacted Royalty Services at Lulu asking them about this. The same day, they emailed back with an attached letter requesting that the IRS expedite the issuing of the ITIN.

I suppose 'Royalty Services' is hiding somewhere? Anybody got any ideas???




  • Sho' nuff did, Big K.

    Belinda's extremely detailed post begs the question, do I get Spanish ISBN's from La Sociedad de Autores and use them instead?

    I'm looking at publishing several niche books specifically for the US market so this is important.

    BTW, thanks for your initial post on the subject which got me thinking!



  • You can apply for an ITIN by taking the completed Form W-7 and supporting documents to certain IRS offices or, if you are outside the U.S., to the U.S. consular office. Call your local IRS office to see if it accepts Form W-7 applications. The IRS also designates certain financial institutions, university offices (ask your international studies office) and other federal agencies as "acceptance agents," which you can also apply through.

    You have the option of mailing your application to the IRS with your tax return and a notarized or certified copy of a valid passport. However, taking your documentation to the nearest IRS Assistance Center reduces the processing time. For the address of your local IRS Assistance Center, go to the IRS Web site  at Local Contacts.  You have to submit your Form W-7 early, because it takes a few weeks for the IRS to process your application. There is a phone number in the instructions to call to find out the status of your application if you have not heard from the IRS in 14 days.


    Just my 2 cents!


    Juan Carlos

  • Hi


    I too need an ITIN (as a non US citizen). I did exactly as was told on the Lulu forum and took my completed W7, my passport and the printed out (self genereatd) letter from lulu to the American Embassy in London. They sadly rejected the letter as the IRS has a new rule which states that any self generated letter needs to also come with a post marked envelope from the the issuing authority ie lulu  - as if they have sent to you at your home address the letter that yoiu would then send on to the IRS. I have since contacted Lulu via the support pags (wouldn't it be great to have a phone number to call customer services) and have not heard back. I have also noticed that since printing out the letter to accompnay my W7, the writer of the support page (David Woodward) has changed his page and it no longer has the self generated letter that you need to accompnay your W7 in order to aply for your ITIN (


    Please can anyone help...anyone being Lulu customer support - I just need you guys to send me an envelope through the post to my home address and then that with the already self generated letter will do the IRS fine. Only thing is I need in in the next week or so as the IRS counter at the American Embassy in London is closing...

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